Beer Vs Wine

This may come as a surprise, but when it comes to people who love their wine, did you know that no one enjoys it more than the folks in the Vatican City? They are considered to be the world’s biggest consumers of wine with 365 bottles a year per capita (which makes exactly one bottle a day!). You can find this and other interesting facts in this infographic: The infographic is also rich with other wine and beer related facts, figures and trivia that every enthusiast of these drinks will find interesting, or even surprising! Those who favor wine will be thrilled to learn that California wines dominate the list of top wine brands in 2012 while beer fans can always boast the immense popularity of their favorite beverage as they discover that beer sells nearly 8,000 times more than wine and some archeologists claim it may have even contributed to making our entire civilization possible! Both beer and wine festivals are starting to sprout around the country this fall, and this may be a good excuse to reignite the good old debate between these two beverages enthusiasts!

Beer vs. Wine: Surprising Facts, Popular Brands & Beer Fests
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