Beekeeping Workshop @ Sunraven

Beekeeping Workshop 
@ Sunraven
Saturday, August 19th
Learn about the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping. This workshop is for anyone with an interest in backyard beekeeping, or just an appreciation of bees. You will be introduced to terms used in beekeeping and bee biology. The roles of the queen bee, worker and drone will be reviewed, along with different hive types, tools and equipment. Additionally, you can expect the following:


  • Bee educated about the great wisdom in the beehive
  • Learn what flowers to plant to help the pollinators
  • Interact with our beekeeper
  • Watch honey extraction
  • Taste local honey and take a jar home on us!See honey bees up close in an observation hive!
$50 per family

501 Guard Hill Rd.
Bedford, NY 10506

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