Beef Up Your Video Making Skills With These 8 iMovie Editing Tips



Learn how to amp up your video editing and recording on a Mac with these must-know iMovie editing tips — this blog outlines everything you need to know!


When it comes to iMovie, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. In fact, when you know the right iMovie tips and tricks, you can create videos that look as professional as the best of them.

You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on computer software. The right skill set will allow you to do everything the most expensive programs do and more.

Are you wondering what you’re missing out on when using iMovie?

Keep reading to beef up your video-making skills with these 8 iMovie editing tips.

1. Include a Soundtrack

What video is complete without at least some music?

If you want to add an appropriate soundtrack, you’ll need to click on the ‘audio’ button on the left. From there, you can import songs from iTunes. You can even create your own music using GarageBand.

Once you find the right tune, you’ll have to drag and drop it on your iMovie timeline. You’ll be able to split and trim it as you please.

If you plan on using the video for commercial purposes, make sure you avoid infringing on any music copyrights.

It can also be helpful to learn how to record screen and audio at the same time.

2. Zooming In

Are you wondering how to zoom in on iMovie? You accomplish this by cropping. Although keep in mind that, the higher your video’s resolution, the better the zoom will look.

While you can use the Ken Burns pan-and-zoom effect, that’s usually better when you’re dealing with photos rather than videos.

Instead, you should click on the clip where you want to zoom in. Afterward, click on the crop button in the top right of the preview window. From there, you can select ‘crop to fill’ and then click and drag the crop square.

The checkmark will apply your desired crop and it’s as simple as that.

3. Instant Replay

When making a sports video or something else with awesome action, you might want to add an instant reply.

You’ll be glad to know that this is one of the best features of iMovie because it’s easy to use. Plus, you can make it run in slow motion.

To do it, you’ll need to hold the ‘R’ key down and then pick the part of the video you want to use. Afterward, access the menu at the top and click on ‘modify’ then ‘instant reply.’ It will give you the option of choosing the replay speed.

The higher the percentage, the faster it will go. After you choose the speed, the clip will automatically be created and added to the appropriate spot.

4. Deal With Background Noise

Even when we’re diligent, background noise almost always finds a way to disrupt a part of the audio.

Despite this hassle, you can use the ‘reduce background noise’ function to make audio much better.

Instead of accepting the sound of traffic or other distracting noises, you can click on ‘inspector’ right in the middle of the toolbar. Afterward, choose ‘audio’ and then pick ‘enhance: reduce background noise.’

You’ll be able to choose how strong you want the reduction to be based on a percentage. This is truly one of the best tips for using iMovie like a professional.

5. Switch Up Your Fonts

If the fonts that are included with iMovie don’t suit your needs, you can do something about it.

After you’ve downloaded whatever free fonts you want on the internet, you can access them within iMovie by clicking on ‘text’ and then ‘show fonts.’ In just those two clicks, you’ll then have access to all of the fonts you have on your computer.

In order to activate the ‘iMove font panel,’ you’ll first need to drag whatever ‘text effect’ you want onto the clips.

When choosing a font, don’t forget to keep readability in mind.

6. Get Photos Directly From Facebook

When adding photos to your video, the last thing you want to do is download every photo on Facebook individually and then import them all into iMovie. Luckily, there’s an easier way.

What you’ll need to do is connect your iPhoto directly to your Facebook account if it isn’t already. This will allow you to have all your Facebook photos accessible through the iLife Media Browser.

The next time you boot up iMovie, you’ll be able to get as many Facebook photos as you want with ease.

7. Quick Playhead Movement

If your playhead is at the end of your video-in-progress, it would be a hassle to drag it to the beginning every time, especially if you’re working on a large project.

For an easier way of moving the playhead to the beginning, you can click and hold the left-hand side of the program.

Alternatively, if you want to bring the playhead from the beginning of your video to the end, you do the same action except with the right side.

That way, you can save time and dedicate your energy to the important aspects of editing

8. Reduce Video Shakiness

If you don’t have stabilizing equipment, such as a tripod, your video will most likely come with some shakiness.

The last thing you want is your viewers to think that you filmed the video while out in the open sea. To get rid of shakiness or jumpiness in a video, you can use iMovie’s ‘analyze video’ feature.

As an added bonus, this feature will also allow you to tag different people and keep track of them within a video. This is useful for sports videos, for instance.

To access the feature, click on ‘file,’ then ‘analyze’ and ‘stabilization and people.’

Ready to Use These iMovie Editing Tips?

Now that you’ve learned how to beef up your video-making skills with these 8 iMovie editing tips, you can create works of art.

Your friends and family will be dying to know how you made such wonderful videos.

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