Bedroom Secrets Men Won’t Tell You About




There’s no denying that a lot of men are very elusive. Men and women are strikingly different, and while a lot of women feel free to share whatever that is on their minds, men don’t necessarily know how to express themselves. However, once in a blue moon, they will come out and share their thoughts, secrets, and desires. 

Read on to find out some of those bedroom secrets that men will not tell you about. 

They Don’t Mind Help in the Bedroom

Men might seem all macho in the bedroom, but they don’t mind a little help to get things going. After all, if anything will speed up an erection or get it on in the bedroom, then, by all means, go for it. Men would love to prolong sex, if they can delay ejaculation, it will create a much more preferable sexual experience. That is why many of them can prolong orgasms by using delay spray for men that is applied before sex. Using sprays, or even slowing down, surely allows them to control their ejaculation, thus having a more sensual experience. They also don’t mind if you give them a little rub first with your hands, and a little bit of lube won’t hurt either.

They Want You to Initiate 

Men might make the first move each time they want to have sex, but they also love it when women take the lead as well. They like it when their woman knows when she wants to have sex and actually asks for it. They also like it when you tell them what you want, because who would know their bodies and what they like more than you? So when you’re feeling frisky and in the mood, be sure to show him that you want it. Not to mention that they find it really hot and it turns them on. 

They Want You to Be Playful 

Men also love to be teased, so be playful, sexy, and intimate. Prolong sex if you can by being flirtatious and take control of your experience in the bedroom. Even though they enjoy the romance and foreplay, sometimes they just want a quickie and reach their orgasm faster. Be sure to use your hands as well, whether you grab them, rub or scratch their backs, or run your hand all over their bodies. Sex is a sexual experience that men enjoy just as much as women do. They also don’t mind trying something new or kinky if you’re into a taboo experience. Needless to say, oral sex will also blow his mind. 

They Can Be Insecure 

One thing you also need to keep in mind is that even though men are super confident in the bedroom, they have their insecurities as well. Body image or confidence isn’t only faced by women, but by men too. So don’t be judgmental if they do something different thinking that it won’t shake their confidence. Be respectful of your partner and his feelings. 

Men are mysterious, there’s no doubt about that. But one thing we do know is that they love adventure in the bedroom. Be it a romantic one, intimate, sexy, quick, or kinky, you’ll definitely be fulfilling his bedroom desires and yours as well in return. At the end of the day, men are really eager to please their partners. 


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