Ari & Jackie Onassis: Wedding, Yacht, Island & The End

Wedding Bells Heard Round the World This Day in 1968: Lady Bird Johnson cussed out about the Vietnam War by Eartha Kitt, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinated, riots at the Democratic Convention, Nixon promising a “secret plan” to end the war, Women Libbers interrupting the Miss America Pageant – and then it got crazier. Jackie Kennedy stunned the world by marrying Greek billionaire Ari Onassis. He got a living legend for a wife. She got a yacht, island, and lots of jewels. When her upright mother Janet Auchincloss shrieked in horror at the news, Jackie quipped, “Oh, Mummy. It’s not like I’m running off with Tiny Tim.” Here’s an original mini-doc Car; Anthony made covering it all: “Ari & Jackie Onassis: Wedding, Yacht, Island & The End.”


Carl Anthony is a journalist, screenwriter, historian and author of twelve books, including four individual biographies. He is perhaps the nation’s leading expert on the power and influence on the First Ladies. His website focuses on presidential pop culture and unconventional Americana.