Are you getting enough hydration during exercise?

For many people, exercise has become a key part of their life. As we reach adulthood in particular, we begin to realize that we can’t rely on our bodies to just burn away all the fat we were consuming. That’s why as you pass 20 you often find that your previously sturdy metabolism starts to let you down and you start contending with pretty significant weight gain. When you start exercising, though, just as important as good form and consistency in your exercises is getting enough water. Are you getting enough hydration as you kick up the gears and exercise, though?

Many people don’t, and it can harm their performance and their results. If you want to start exercising more and getting more out of your exercise regime, then you should definitely look to change your hydration habits. Here are some tips for making sure you can get some more hydration as you start to exercise a bit more.

Start before you start

Before you start going heavily into the exercise, start to take in more hydration. You should definitely look to bring in more water before you start hydrating. If you are hydrated before you start exercising then your core temperature won’t rise as quickly, meaning that you will both feel more comfortable and less exhausted during the workout.

It also helps you to make sure that you can have an easier heartbeat. If you feel like you are shattered during a workout, getting more hydration is essential.

Start sipping, stop gulping

A good way to increase hydration without making yourself feel full and/or sick is to start sipping water. Taking small sips between reps and sessions allows for easier hydration that lasts, making you take in more water without feeling that run down and full way that can come from taking big gulps of water in-between sets.

You should definitely look to start sipping your water if you want to help keep your amount of water intake high without leaving yourself feeling uncomfortable as you go about drinking your water during reps.

Know your body

One factor to get into the frame of mind about thinking about is the amount of water that your body actually needs. You should try and make sure that you take in a fair amount based on your fitness level, your size and height, and also your activity. If you are drinking lots of water while doing light activity, you might be taking in too much.

However, it’s vital that you try and work out what kind of amount of water you should be taking in.

Working out your water intake during a workout

The simplest way to work out what amount of water you need during a workout is to use a water intake calculator. This will help you to easily and effectively work out the amount that you need to ensure that your body benefits from the exercise.

Getting as much water as you can in is vital, but making sure you stay within the limits set by the water intake calculator is likely to help you stay hydrated and healthy without feeling bloated. Good luck!


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