Are You Being ‘Pocketed?’: Dating trend sees people refuse to post photos or engage with their partner on social media

 If your mate doesn’t post about you on social media, is that a warning sign?

With cuffing season in full swing, singletons everywhere will be coupling up with new partners ready to flaunt their budding relationships on Instagram.
But if you’ve noticed your partner is hesitant to show you off to their friends and family online, you could be a victim of ‘pocketing’ – where a person refuses to acknowledge their relationship on social media.
The term means a new partner is actively avoiding acknowledging your existence online and is going out of their way not to introduce you to any of their friends and family.
While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is cheating, relationship expert at eharmony Rachael Lloyd says those who do it often want to reap the benefits of a relationship while also living a ‘single life online’.
For example, the person ‘pocketing’ their partner may want to like certain photographs or send messages to other social media users without them knowing they’re in a relationship.
Signs that you could be being ‘pocketed’ include your partner never replying to your social media comments, removing your tagged pictures from their profile, and never adding your tagged story to their account.
Alex Mellor-Brook, the co-founder of dating agency Select Personal Introductions, said this trend is particularly noticeable around the Christmas period because those in budding relationships will be expecting to meet their new partner’s loved ones.

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