Are you a Host with the Most?


The ladies behind Rock Paper Scissors Custom Events, who specialize in custom trivia and scavenger hunts, have launched a new product line in time for the holidays: ‘Host with the Most’ Trivia Packs!

Realizing that small parties may not want the expense of hosted or virtual trivia, they set about creating multiple trivia packs for people to download and enjoy at their own leisure.

Sticking to their successful tried and tested format, each ‘Host with the Most’ pack consists of five, fun rounds including a photo and audio round. Unlike other trivia questions out there, they also provide tidbits of related information for the ‘Quiz Master’ to impress the crowd and defuse any overly competitive players who might erroneously think they are correct. This new offering comes just in time to help entertain visiting friends and family over the upcoming holidays and can be e-mailed as a gift as well.

Rock Paper Scissors was founded in 2018 by New Canaan residents Rachel Lampen and Kristen Mitrakis. Lampen says “We still want to do the hard work of putting together all the interesting trivia facts and making it creative but realized that for some people being the trivia host is as enjoyable as playing it. Each pack is only $25 so it’s really a no-brainer.” Mitrakis confirms “We are still actively hosting trivia parties because ultimately we want everyone to join in the fun, but we have a strong ethos of giving people a choice of how to connect. Therefore, you can book us for an ‘in person’ party, a ‘virtual’ gathering, or run the game yourself.”

There are currently 8 trivia packs available to download and that number will be steadily increasing. Each pack comes with clear instructions, a score sheet, team handouts, picture round, and an audio link.


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