April 23 is “Lover’s Day”- Tips to Enhance Your Relationship

Lovers-daySome couples may feel lucky enough to believe that every day is “Lover’s Day” – but for everyone else April 23, or “Lover’s Day” serves as a nice reminder to put the spark back into your relationship.


Lover’s Day is the perfect time to take time out of our busy schedules and remind your partner what he/she means to you. In honor of Lover’s Day, below please find a few “Tips for Enhancing a New or Existing Relationship” along with statistics and data from LifeStyles recent Sexual Satisfaction Survey that support these ideas:

  • Build a strong foundation first.

  •  It’s cliché to say “the best relationships always start out as friendships…” but honestly – this is often true. Even a physical connection is typically much better with someone you know, like and trust over a person you just met out at the bar. And although it may seem like casual hookups and one night stands are taking place everywhere, promiscuity is actually overrated (and over reported). In reality, Americans aren’t sleeping around as much as the media may portray. In fact, about 50% of males (49%) and females (48%) from LifeStyles Sexual Satisfaction Survey have had fewer than 4 partners in their lifetime.


  • Mix Things Up (In and Out of the Bedroom!) 

    No matter how much you love your partner and enjoy his/her company, everyone likes to feel appreciated. Whether you decide to mix things up by surprising your significant other with concert tickets to her favorite band or courtside seats for his favorite team, the gesture will not go unappreciated. If you’re trying to do something to keep the spice alive behind closed doors, don’t count out toys. LifeStyles survey finds that 55% of females want to incorporate sex toys into their bedroom behavior, and 26% of them already do. Guys wouldn’t mind getting in on the action either, with 59% reporting they’d like to take females up on this offer.


  • Be direct about your wants and needs in a relationship.

  • Often times in a relationship it is easier to say nothing than to rock the boat (this is usually especially true of women.) Your partner is not going to recognize or acknowledge an issue unless you express how you are feeling. Open communication can also be helpful in the bedroom – 51% of men say they openly talk to their partner about sexual fantasies while only 46% of women can say the same.


  • Don’t turn in to the paranoid partner.

  • For a relationship to succeed, you must make the conscious decision to trust your partner. Constantly accusing them of cheating, going through their phone or emails to find evidence of cheating, etc. can often create a problem that never even existed. And the good news is – fidelity is not dead! According to LifeStyles Sexual Satisfaction Survey, more than three-quarters of respondents (77%) have never cheated on their significant other, and the same number still wouldn’t cheat, even if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.