5 Star Concierge Chiropractic Comes To Westchester

conceirge chiropracticRemember when doctors made house calls?  Some still do.  Meet Dr. Allan Wattenmaker of 5-Star Chiropractic Services, P.C.  Dr. Wattenmaker brings a an elite concierge practice right to your front door ~ no wait time, no hassle, just convenience and stellar chiropractic treatment.


Dr. Wattenmaker was graduated with honors from one of the country’s leading chiropractic schools.  He has been practicing the art of chiropractic healing for 15 years and has treated everyone from infants to elderly, professional athletes to retirees. His knowledge and gentle, whole body approach, yields the best outcome for all of your aches and pains.


Affordable pricing and easy access to quality healthcare make it possible for the whole family or office to be in peak physical condition.  Early morning, evening and weekend hours are available to meet your busy schedules.  Dr. Wattenmaker can be reached at any time, even for that emergency “my back just went out!” phone call at (914) 646-6893 or via e-mail: armonkdc@optonline.net.



Call today for a healthier tomorrow!

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