Amazing Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online



Online shopping has become the thing everyone is going for these days. The reason is that it is one of the best solutions if you want to access a wide range of products without spending time traveling to the mall. You can find just everything you need online, including clothes, car parts, food, electronics, and all other items you can think of. There are many ways you could save while shopping online that you should know about. Here are tips you should remember that could help you save some dollars while buying online.

Browse coupon sites for promo codes

There are many promo sites you could use that help you to save money. Such sites include Groupon and Coupons, which list stores that give buyers good discounts on certain products. Before you order anything online, confirm if you can find Coupons on these coupon sites. Sometimes the code will save you as much as 30% of the price, so if you are buying something pricy you could get away with a good amount.

Overcome the dynamic pricing trap

Some merchants use the dynamic pricing trick whereby different users are shown different prices. This bias is usually informed by things like your browser cookies, Facebook session and the website version you are accessing. For example, sometimes a product you looked at today might be priced 30% higher the next day, and this is after the robots have used the data collected about you. Many retailers know your price point and will trick you into paying a higher amount. To escape this trap, use an incognito browser mode or ensure to clear history and cookies before you search for the product you need. Also clear all sessions of social profiles and use a localized website version.

Use smart reward programs to your advantage

Many apps give you the ability to redeem special bonuses when you do certain actions. For example, Swagbucks TV pays you for watching videos and the credit can be redeemed as discounts for different merchants online. This could be a good way to enhance your savings while shopping online.

Leave goods in your cart

A clever solution to ask for discounts is leaving the cart full and not checking out. After several days, the merchant is likely to follow up with an enticing offer. Retailers don’t like unclosed deals and will make an effort to retain you. Some of the stores you could use this trick on include Macy’s, Officemax, Bed Bath & Beyond, and JC Penny, among more others. For this trick to work, however, you need to be registered with the merchant site, and while filling your card make sure you are logged in.


It’s easier to save while shopping online if you understand some tricks you could employ. There are many ideas you could embrace that will allow you to pay less including searching for coupon codes to reduce the cost of goods. Also, consider leaving goods lying in your cart for several days to trigger the merchant to offer you a sweet deal.


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