Amazing Health Benefits of a Quality Mattress


We all know that sleep is the time when our body rests and recovers, and sometimes you might be so tired that you feel like you’d feel better after a nap on a rock. But, there’s a lot more to it – like a quality mattress. You might think that a mattress doesn’t make that much of a difference – it’s just some foam and a couple of springs, as long as it feels comfy, it’s okay? Well, not exactly. There are some things you might not be even considering, so here is a list of amazing benefits you will reap if you’re sleeping on a high-quality mattress.

Neck and back pain

Let’s start with what’s probably the most widely known issue with bad mattresses: back pain. If you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable position, on a mattress that is either too soft or too hard, misshapen from years of use or just the wrong kind for your body, you might be waking up in the morning feeling stiff, with pain in your back and your neck. Having that pain follow you through the day is something you don’t have to endure.

You can try all you like to change the positions you sleep in or add extra pillows, but the fact of the matter is that you just need a better bed. Today, there are no limits. You can find a unique offering of mattresses that will give so much control over your sleep cycle; you’ll wake up wondering how you ever slept before. Everything from adjusting the firmness of the mattress to the temperature, everything to make sure you wake up with no pain in your body caused by bad sleeping.

Fewer allergens

We usually only worry about the things we can see – but there are so many things living in your mattress that you’re not aware of. Everything from mites to germs to allergens can stay in a mattress. Luckily, high-quality mattresses you can find today are hypoallergenic, meaning they prevent the allergens from living on your mattress. This isn’t only great news for people who have a lot of allergies, because dust mites can enter your airways and cause snoring, which can, over time, cause problems far more severe, like an irregular sleeping cycle you can’t break.


Better relationships

Yes, let’s talk about the mental benefits of good sleep. Besides the peace of mind, you’ll have when you wake from a good night’s sleep. There are studies to suggest that happy couples sleep on big, comfortable mattresses. You might think that people in love will gladly sleep even in a single bed, snuggled up together. But in reality, if everyone has enough space to spread out and sleep in the most comfortable position, they will wake up more content, which will lead to a happier relationship.

Sleeping through the night

A lousy mattress that is either uncomfortable or loud while you’re trying to sleep will keep waking you up during the night. Interrupted sleep is objectively the worst kind of sleep because not only is it not allowing your body to rest for long enough, but the constant waking up will irritate your brain, and you’ll wake up cranky and angry. One continuous, long sleep cycle will allow your body and mind to rest, preparing you for the day tomorrow. Think of it like this: while you’re sleeping, your body performs a task – resting. Now, every time you’re interrupted, it has to stop and start over again. The resting mission won’t be done at all, or it will take far more time to get the sleep you would get from one continuous cycle.

Blood sugar and blood pressure

Studies show that good sleep positively affects your body throughout. It helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. This isn’t to say that if you have issues with either of these, that they will go away if you just get a good 8 hours of sleep. But if you don’t get adequate sleep, it will make it worse. So while a doctor might not prescribe a new mattress as high blood pressure medication, you should do it yourself and make your recovery to health easier.

In the end, we can’t pretend mattresses – especially high-quality ones – aren’t an investment. But if there’s one thing you should always invest in, it’s your health. Your mattress is something you spend a third of your life on, so if there’s one thing in your home that should be of the highest quality, this should be it. If you need any further convincing that a new mattress should be on top of your priority list, these health benefits will hopefully push you over.