All The Above Clothing: Apparel with a Mission

A wise person once said,”…even the smallest words can hurt you or save you”.  All The Above (ATA) Clothing couldn’t agree more.   Their goal is to lift and restore the soul, one person at a time.  ATA takes a quote and expresses it through art on their apparel in subtle and unique ways, allowing their customers to embody something beautiful and meaningful.


I wore the Inspired by Tears tee shirt yesterday. I rocked it from Nantucket to JFK.  Then from JFK to East Hampton. Then to dinner at Bay Bar Kitchen. So comfy.  Tons of compliments.
Blogger Stacy Knows wearing All The ABove Cloving . Inspired by Tears tee shirt, #ootd


Be Strong. Be Focused. Be Inspired.
All The Above Clothing: Clothes with a Deeper Meaning

All The Above knows fashion is one of the main forms of self-expression. Rather than just wearing clothes that have no built-in meaning, ATA connects fashion with freedom to express oneself and makes sure that each design created really speaks to the chosen quote and theme. With their partnerships with non-profits and charities they are also a company that cares deeply about worldwide community and giving to those in need. Part of every purchase goes to the charity of your choice!