Afterburn workout gets you in Instagram-ready

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Checkout some more of Kim;s photo shopped instagrams

We may not want to admit it, but everyone from Kim Kardashian to your cubicle buddy has done it – strategically cropping and filtering a photo to make ourselves look thinner. If you want to get in perfect “Instagram Shape” without a filter or Photoshop, look no further than Fit Body Boot Camp, the high energy, fun, and challenging workout program designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body in only 30 minutes.

With over 380 locations worldwide and a new location opening approximately every 38 hours, Fit Body Boot Camp is one of the fastest growing fitness phenomenons in the country.’

What are 3 ways doing an afterburn workout gets you in Instagram-ready shape?

1. Afterburn workout gets you in Instagram-ready shape.   These workouts are short.  The ideal time is 30 minutes or less.  Considering most people spend 1 to 2 hours at the gym, the Afterburn workout gives you twice the results in half the time! Pretty amazing deal if you ask me !


2.  You train at a high-level of intensity which is purely based on your fitness level.  You move from exercise to exercise, alternating between your maximum effort and short recovery periods! Your workouts are short, intense, and most importantly effective!


3. The Afterburn workout strategies train every aspect and angle of your body; core, strength, agility & stamina! You get the most bang for your buck!


In conclusion, make your workouts short, intense and effective.They mimic the  training habits of amazing functional athletes like MMA fighters.  They move deliberately & intensely, alternating short recovery periods with maximum effort. These Afterburn workouts will have you in Instagram-ready shape in no time!





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