Add The Pumpkin Enzyme Facial at The Spa @ Equinox to Your Beauty Routine

The Spa at Equinox  will be offering a new seasonal treatment, the pumpkin enzyme facial.

Pumpkins are good for much more than just decorating your stoop this holiday season!

Pumpkin enzymes are an amazing way to exfoliate the skin.  Not only does  pumpkin contain natural enzymes, it is also a way to introduce glycolic acid to the skin.  Glycolic acid is one of the most effective Alpha Hydroxy Acid on the market.  Glycolic acid gentle exfoliates the skin by helping to dissolve the sugars that bind dead skin cells together.  The naturally occurring enzymes in pumpkin then digest these cells leaving the skin smooth, glowing, and better prepared to absorb the ingredients in the pumpkin mask that follows.  The Pumpkin mask is loaded with antioxidants, skin plumping collagen, and the soothing properties of chamomile and green tea.

You might associate pumpkin with pies and lattes, but pumpkin is actually an incredibly effective way to improve your skin. It contains enzymes and introduces glycolic acid to the skin, dissolving the sugars that bind dead skin cells together. Move over pumpkin spice. It’s all about pumpkin enzymes.

The facial uses natural pumpkin enzymes, honey, and green tea to gently exfoliate the skin. The 50-minute treatment ($175) is followed by a hydrating pumpkin mask which protects against free-radical damage, brightens skin tone, improves elasticity, and hydrates. This facial will leave your skin soft, glowing, with a smoother more refined texture.





pumpkin  facial