A Timeless Gift: 3 Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Watch For Your Groom

Traditionally, couples give each other some gifts on the morning of their wedding day. If you are a bride who is searching high and low for the perfect trinket, then look no further! A wristwatch is a classy and elegant gift that you can give your beau. Timepieces symbolize the time that you are about to spend together in matrimony, which makes it the ideal gift. However, there is quite a selection of wristwatches in the market. To get you started in the search for the perfect wristwatch for your groom, we have compiled some tips that you should consider. Without further ado, here are three tips on how to pick the best watch for your man.

Set a budget.

We are going to be honest with you, if you want the best timepiece, you have to pay for the price. But a wristwatch will last your man a long time and can even be used as an heirloom. Plus, luxury brands are a good investment and can appreciate over time. For example, the Grand Seiko Quartz ranges from $2,000 to $5,000! But given the mechanism, craftsmanship, durability, rich history, and precise control, the price is justified. Pro-tip: if you want to get luxury brands at a lower price with excellent craftsmanship, you can opt for secondhand wristwatches.

Know your wristwatch.

As we already established, each timepiece is unique. You also have to consider the type, strap, shape, color, movement, and even brand of the watch. If your groom is a big watch guy, then you might be familiar with his preferences. To give you an overview of the differences, here is a short cheat sheet:

  • Digital watches: Unlike classic timepieces that use gears, this type of watches have LCD screens to display time, data, and other information. This type is more for casual use and not typically worn for formal events.
  • Analog watches: Analog watches are the most traditional form of a timepiece. It has the classes hour and minute hands, and even seconds hand.
  • Quartz watches: This type of timepieces use an electric oscillator, regulated by a quartz crystal, that helps in the accuracy of time. It is a popular choice among watch enthusiasts.
  • Casual watches: Compared to other watch types, casual watches are made for everyday use. They are usually not as expensive and not as elegant, but they serve their purpose.
  • Luxury watches: For avid watch collectors, luxury watches are sought for. These types of pieces are usually created by watchmakers who are in the industry for a long time, like Swiss brands. But what makes these pieces special? Watchmakers create these timepieces in-house in a limited number, which makes each piece more valuable.
  • Mechanical automatic watches: Also known as a self-winding watch, these timepieces have a rotor for its movement. Mechanical watches use kinetic energy to function. The rotor tightens up the mainspring and would automatically wound from the user’s movement.
  • Dive watches: From the name itself, these timepieces are water-resistant and for diving underwater. These pieces have a rotating bezel as well, which helps divers to know how long they have been under the water.

Here is another tip: as much as possible, buy the wristwatch in person instead of buying online. It gives you the chance to check out the intricate details of the timepiece instead of relying on online photos. You know that feeling when you found the right wedding gown? You will have the same feeling when you find the right watch for your partner.

Your groom’s personality is a huge factor.

Like your man, each timepiece has their personalities. Thus, picking the correct wristwatch would even make your man’s day more special. Here is a tip, buy a watch that would go well with how your man dresses up daily. It is best to choose something simple yet classy and elegant. Going back to the cheat sheet presented earlier, you can pick a watch by matching your groom’s personality and watch type. Dress watches are best for formal events and everyday wear. If your guy is active in sports, then a sports watch that calculates his heartbeat, steps, and other built-in apps can be more useful.

To make your gift more sentimental, you can engrave the timepiece to personalize it. You can engrave your anniversary, a milestone, a short message, or the date of the wedding. A wristwatch with a solid back case is ideal for engraving.

In A Nutshell

Gifting a timepiece to your beau does not have to be as hard as it sounds. But remembering these three tips are the fundamentals when searching for one. There are several styles and types to choose from, that is why it is best to narrow down the choices by using this article as a guide.


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