$70 Million Mansion That The Minecraft Creator Bought, Outbidding Jay Z And Beyoncé

Ever wondered what a $70 Million+ house looks like? Step inside the Beverly Hills mansion Jay Z & Beyonce got out bid on by the owner of Minecraft who just sold out to Microsoft for $2.5Billion.

Spread over 23,000 square feet, this 8 bedroom, 15 bathroom, 16 car garage with infinity pool, wine cellar, 24 seat movie theatre, M&M’s candy room and much much more.


   According to TMZ, Jay Z and Beyonce had interest in the home but were outbid. Persson closed on the mansion for a whopping $70 million, $15 million below the asking price of $85 million.
Watch the video tour here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH7gXAYzXJE