7 Ways to Watch Movies for Cheap (With Coupons!)



There are only so many movies on Netflix and Hulu. What are other ways to watch movies for cheap? Here are 7 ways to watch movies with coupons included.


Do you wish there was a way to watch movies all the time— without spending lots of money?

Cinema tickets, popcorn, and DVDs of new releases can add up fast, especially if you’re an avid film buff.

Luckily, with a bit of planning and creativity, there are a number of ways to watch movies at a low cost. How?

Keep reading to learn not only the best ways to watch movies cheaply but also where to find the best movie coupons. Pass the popcorn!

1. Watch Movies at Discounted Times in the Cinema

It’s hard to beat the joy of watching a blockbuster on the big screen with popcorn and chocolates, but movie theatres can be expensive.

If your favorite way to watch movies is in the cinema, try to save money by looking for discounted showings.

Often, cinemas will have discounted days earlier in the week to attract more business, such as Monday or Tuesday. Keep an eye on the websites of your local cinema and see if you can find their discount days.

Or, try to visit during a matinee. Often, cinemas have slightly lower prices for daytime or morning showings, with the idea of encouraging customers to visit in less busy times of the day.

2. Download YouTube Movies

Did you know you can often watch free movies on YouTube? We may think of the popular video-sharing platform as a one-stop-shop for cute cat videos or funny bloopers, but to find free, full-length movies.

Don’t expect to find the latest cinema favorites, but you can find plenty of classics for both kids and adults.

Here’s how to download youtube videos on mac so you can watch them anytime.

The movies available will change over time, but some good movies to watch now include Super Size Me, Night of the Living Dead, Better Off Dead, and Out of Time.

3. Search for Discount DVDs

If you’re planning your next home movie night, don’t pay full price for DVDs! There are plenty of ways to get them at a massive discount.

Search your local Best Buy or Walmart for discount bins— they often have lots of movies, or even boxed TV shows, reduced for cheap prices. You may be surprised by the great films you can find!
There are also plenty of ways to buy DVDs secondhand. Many people don’t hold on to DVDs after watching them a few times, so they get given away or donated.

Look for used DVDs at your local shop. Or, head out on a Saturday morning to browse local garage sales or markets, where you may be able to find movies for dollars, or even less.

When buying movies secondhand, always open up the case to make sure that the correct DVD is inside. Also, check that the DVD isn’t scratched or broken, which can happen easily.

4. Host a Swap With Friends

Are your friend’s movie buffs too? If so, one of the best ways to watch movies for free is to plan a movie swap night with friends or neighbors.

Invite your friends over for an afternoon, and everyone brings along a few DVDs they no longer need or want anymore. Then, host a swap meet where everyone can exchange movies with one another.

It’s a fun way to find movies that you may not have heard of before, and also a great way to catch up with friends.

Put on some snacks and refreshments for everyone attending. Afterward, you may all want to hang out and watch a movie together!

Swapping with friends is a great way to get to watch lots of new movies without having to pay for each one. Plus, many of us watch a film once, then it sits on the shelf, so swapping is a good way to give movies a new life.

5. Look for Theatre Coupons

Sometimes, you can find great coupons and discounts for going to the movie theatre.

Before planning your trip to the movies, check out sites like Groupon or Coupons.com for their latest offers. You can also sign up as an email subscriber to get daily alerts about the latest deals.

You may find heavily discounted ticket prices, two-for-one deals, or free tickets for kids.

Although you can sometimes still find movie coupons in the paper, generally, most of the deals these days are online.

You can sometimes get cheaper tickets directly through the cinema too if you sign up for their loyalty program.

6. Watch Movies Online

If you’ve got a reliable internet connection, you no longer need a DVD player— there are thousands of great films to watch online.

You can find movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, or one of the many other streaming services.

For a low monthly cost, usually less than the cost of one cinema ticket, you can have a subscription to a popular streaming service like Netflix. They regularly add new movies to their lineup, so there’s always something fun to watch.

You can find new releases, classics, movies for kids, documentaries, and even movies created just for the platform.

Or, you can ‘rent’ movies from Apple’s App Store at a low cost. The movie will be yours to watch for a set amount of time as if you’d rented it from a store.

7. Head to Your Local Library

You may be surprised to learn that your local library card can give you access to hundreds of movies and shows!

Many libraries stock DVDs of popular movies, in addition to their extensive collections of books. Often, libraries are also part of online platforms where you can search for and view movies online, via your computer.

If you happen to be into audiobooks as well, your library is a great place to look for those too!

Library memberships are free for everyone, so pop in to see what your local branch can offer.

Ready to Watch More Movies— and Save Money?

Who knew there were so many easy ways to watch movies for free? Use some of the tips above to see more movies in a way that won’t affect your wallet.

With so many great genres, directors, and even foreign films to be discovered, movie buffs will always be able to find something incredible to watch. Get started today and see what amazing films you can find!

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