7 Ultimate Things to Do in Hong Kong

Traveling to Hong Kong? Finally! You will definitely come back home full of amazing memories and new experiences. While there’s so much to do and see in Hong Kong, if you’re staying just a few days, you need to select the best of the best which is exactly what this list is for. Here are all the must-do things in Honk Kong for the ultimate experience.

Take a hike

One of the first things most visitors do is hike the Victoria Peak. If you pick a clear day, you will be able to enjoy views of entire Kowloon and the outlying islands. While there is a tram that can take you to the peak, it’s much better to take a scenic Morning Trail along Hatton Road and in 45 minutes of ascend, you will be up! Once you manage to climb, follow the Circle Walk and take in all the amazing panoramic views of the island—you can even see the South China Sea in the distance! For a ride back home, take a tram and relax!

Book a junk boat ride

One of the best things about Hong Kong is its one-of-a-kind skyline that’s often best enjoyed from the harbor. So, make sure to book a traditional junk boat and go for a short sail. These graceful boats were once used for fishing and trade, but today they mostly offer amazing harbor tours. While these junks circle the harbor all day, you can book an evening sail and watch as the city lights up before your eyes!

Chill at the beach

No matter how busy you like to be on your travels, you need some downtime in order to stay healthy and sane. That’s why you just must hit the beach, catch some sun and relax when in Hong Kong. If you pick the right accommodation like the recognizable Hong Kong Gold Coast hotel you’ll be very close to the beach. While the hotel has a great pool, you can still hop outside and relax among the people. Having a relaxing beach day is a must every time you’re close to the sea—don’t waste the opportunity!

Come face-to-face with the Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha is the largest outdoor seated Buddha statue in the world and one of the symbols of Hong Kong. The statue sits at Po Lin Monastery, an important Buddhist sanctum, so it’s really worth visiting even if you consider you have to climb a little less than 300 stairs to reach the statue!

Win big at the Happy Valley

This is the only sport in which you can legally bet in Hong Kong, so make sure to prepare a few dollars to bet on your champion. If you don’t want to waste money, you can hang out at the Happy Valley beer garden and enjoy a drink, but if you want to bet, pick a Wednesday night and try your luck at one of the eight races.

Spill some T over tea

HK used to be a British colony for over 150 years, so it’s not a surprise that the tradition of drinking afternoon tea still goes strong here. If you want to enjoy something really lavish, pick one of the colonial-era hotels that stray true to the classic British tradition. Expect trays of finger food, pastries and beautiful tea sets.

End your day with a generous serving of dim sum

You just can’t leave Hong Kong without trying dim sum! Families and friends often bond over dim sum, tea and conversation, so you must follow tradition when visiting a country, right? Some of the best places to get your generous serving of dumplings, tofu, chicken and rice are Maxim’s Palace with its gorgeous décor and traditional service. However, be ready to queue! If you want a place that’s more low-key, visit Sai Ying Pun district and pick any hole-in-the-wall eatery. Want to splurge? Opt for one of the upscale restaurants like Man Wah or famous Lung King Heen at Four Seasons.

With its unique vibe, gorgeous city streets and hundreds of years of tradition to explore, Hong Kong is a perfect travel destination for all kinds of travelers. Try these must-do things and you’ll definitely come back for the second round of city exploration!

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