7 Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle this New Year

A healthy lifestyle looks very different than the lifestyle most people lead. It encompasses things like eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress levels, and maintaining pleasant relationships with the people around you. It’s more than just one thing. If you want to live healthier this year, here are 7 important things you can do to promote a healthier present and future.

1. Mind Prep

Part of changing your lifestyle is a pre-change period whereby you prepare your mind, and body, to accept the winds of change that are about to sweep over them. Part of this “mind prep” is finding out which areas you want to change. For example, if you want to change your weight and eating habits, then you might want to start by figuring out what your current habits are. How much do you eat everyday? What foods do you normally eat? While preparing yourself for change, you’ll discover areas of your life that need improvement, and you’ll preparation will lead to greater success. Once you know where you are, you can better map out a path to where you want to go.

2. Meal Planning

A healthier lifestyle will include a healthier diet. Add products like Kefir to your diet. This healthy drink contains the “good” kind of bacteria that will promote better health (along with 29 other health benefits). Grab an app and start tracking your food, and then start planning out your healthier diet. Looking for new recipes can be a fun way to stick to the changes.

3. Join a gym

If you aren’t going to go out for a city softball league anytime soon, don’t worry about it. You can start an exercise routine at a local gym. Alternatively, you can invest in home exercise equipment and enjoy some tunes being blasted while you’re working out, all without having to deal with other exercises. Getting into your fitness routine will keep your mind and body moving forward to something more rewarding.

4. Celebrate milestones

If your goal was to lose 30 pounds, but you’ve just lost your first 10, take a moment to celebrate that change. Share your success with people who are cheering you on, too. By involving other people in your successes, you can get the encouragement you need to take off those other 20 pounds. Remember, though, it’s not just about losing weight. It’s about eating right, too.

5. Get a physical

You’re making all of these changes, but have you really sat down and talked things over with someone who knows all about healthy changes? That’s right, it’s your doctor. When you talk to your doctor about your fitness plan and meal planning, they can give you even more helpful tips. They might even recommend products you can take right now that will help.

6. Take it slow

A true lifestyle change doesn’t have a beginning or end. It simply becomes reality, and it’s a lifelong process. Instead of seeing yourself as going on a diet, simply see yourself as learning what foods are good or bad for you. You’re learning what to eat and how much to eat, and you’re learning when to exercise and how to exercise properly. It’s a “change” that will eventually become a habit, and a habit eventually becomes a lifestyle. Take your time getting there.

7. Learn From Mistakes

Realize that along the way to jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle, accepting that there will be mistakes along the way is part of the process. Mistakes can actually help you come back stronger than ever. For example, after eating healthy for a couple of months, you may fall off the wagon for a few days. You may notice that you feel terrible physically and emotionally, and you may come back with a renewed sense of resolve. That’s great! A mistake doesn’t mean you’re failing. It means you’re learning.

Jumpstart your lifestyle changes with positive thinking, genuine planning, and a lot of acceptance that this might take awhile. Eat and drink healthy, exciting new products, ease yourself into exercising, and before you know it, all these strange new changes will be a lifestyle you love.


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