7 Tips on Choosing the Best Camera for Vacations




If you have a vacation coming up, the right camera can help you take your memories home. Here are tips on choosing the best camera for vacations.


When the vacation’s over and the bags are unpacked, there’s little you get to keep with you, except the memories. This is precisely why you need the perfect camera for vacations so you can capture every thrilling, humorous, and even unexpected moment.

But any old camera won’t do. When it comes to vacation, you need a camera that can handle anything you throw at it, including accidents.

Because of this, we’ve put together a helpful list of 7 tips for choosing the ideal camera for vacations so you can make sure your trip is perfectly preserved.

1. Know Where You’re Headed

Are you visiting a new city or where your photos will mostly consist of buildings and restaurants? If so, then a smartphone could easily suit your needs. You’ll have tighter shots and probably less room to carry a large camera around with you.

However, if you’re going camping or doing more adventurous vacationing, you may want a more advanced camera that’s light and easy to transport.

Trips that entail water sports or boating are going to need a water-proof camera.

This may seem like a common-sense tip, but choosing your camera based on where you are going is an essential first step in choosing the right camera for vacations.

2. Think About How You’re Packing

Backpacking across Europe doesn’t leave much room in your bag for a 10-pound lens. But, if you’re willing to sacrifice a few pairs of underwear to make room for that professional-grade camera and multiple lenses, then, by all means, go for it.

If you’re flying and throwing everything into a cloth bag, you don’t want to risk damage to a nice camera. Be aware of how your luggage is going to be handled on your trip. Unfortunately, it can be hard to prove fault if an airline or bus-driver damages your equipment.

When choosing between types of cameras, be sure to consider how much space you have and how you’re transporting your luggage before you choose which camera is best.

3. Plan Where You’re Publishing Photos

Instagram, blogs, websites, photo albums? Where are you planning on putting your photos? If you’re running a website and want them professionally edited and pristine before publishing, you may need to invest in a good camera.

If you’re simply throwing them up on Instagram or want them to have an “authentic” feel, your smartphone camera is ideal.

Think about your publishing platform before you decide on a vacation camera. This can greatly influence the kind of photos you want to take.

One thing that can help guide your choices is to take a look at someone else’s photos you admire. Find out what style they shot them in and what kind of camera and editing devices they used.

4. Budget

Yes, the photos are the one thing you keep from your vacation, but if you’ve spent all your money on the camera, you may not be able to enjoy your vacation while you’re on it!

It’s always wise to create a vacation budget before embarking. Not only will this save you money on the trip, but it will keep you from overdoing it on a camera purchase you may not be able to afford.

Following the other tips we’ve listed like, knowing where you’re headed and what kind of images you want, will help you figure out what kind of camera you need. From there, you can find quality used or bargains on the necessary device.

You can get a high-end camera for a steal if you know how to create a budget and do a little bargain-hunting.

5. Consider What Devices You Have for Editing

Ever asked yourself, “Why is my camera not working on my Mac?” If so, you’re not alone. Macs are excellent for editing and storing vacation photo collection if you have the right camera to upload and edit your photos on one.

Before you purchase a new camera for your vacation, you need to think about what devices you already own.

Purchase a camera that is compatible with your laptop or other devices so you don’t find yourself unable to save or edit your photos once you return home. There’s little that’s more disappointing after a rad vacation than finding yourself unable to look at the photos you painstakingly captured.

6. Know the Learning Curve

How much time are you willing to spend learning the ins-and-outs of your new camera? If your vacation is days away, you may not want to purchase a camera that requires you to read and understand a 500-page manual.

Be aware of the learning curve for using your new camera before you take it with you.

It can be frustrating when you witness a once-in-a-lifetime animal migration and can’t figure out how to change your camera from portrait to landscape. Don’t let your lack of understanding regarding how to use your camera inhibit your ability to capture the perfect photo.

If you’re purchasing a really fancy camera, it may be worth taking a class or talking with the sales associate before trying to use it on your own.

7. Know What Kind of Images You Want

Know what type of images you plan on taking before you ever buy a camera. This will require a little research if you’re a total camera novice.

If you’re planning a family trip to the beach, you may not need anything more than an average-sized lens. But, if your trip entails hiking in Alaska, capturing stunning landscapes, or catching wildlife on camera, you will need longer lenses and more image options.

With the help of Google, some inspiration from other photographers, and a little bit of effort, you can easily figure out whether portrait or street photography fits your needs.

When in doubt, ask a photographer.

Find a Camera for Vacations Today

Now that you’ve got a handle on how to choose a camera for vacations, you can get searching. Just remember, start your search with a budget and with a plan.

For more travel-planning tips and hacks, browse the Travel portion of our blog today. Happy trails!