7 Things to Spice Up Your Relationship

The longer you stay in a relationship, the more boring it starts to become. During the early days of a relationship, all of us go through little butterflies in the tummy. In the early days, you start knowing new things about your partner. Little feelings and the fear of the unknown brings a certain charm and excitement in life. The more you spend time with each other; everything starts to be pretty normal. As you get to know about each other’s sloppy habits, there is nothing new to explore.

Well, this situation is quite common in every relationship and there is nothing to worry about. It’s not that your love for each other is fading away, but the somewhere the spice in the relationship is missing. So, what can you do to bring back that Spice in your Relationship? You might be thinking that I am just talking about having more sex. Well, that’s not the only way out. Apart from sex, there are several other ways to improve the charm in your relationship.

Certain things that can bring a lot of improvement in your relationship

Few little steps and just a bit more effort can bring a lot of difference. One common problem with most couples are, once they get into a secured relationship, they start taking everything for granted. The relationship becomes a daily cup of soup and couples forget to invest some extra ingredients to it. Following things mentioned below can bring a lot of improvement in your relationship:

Make some effort with the way you look

Remember the early days when you both used to dress up in a certain way just to impress each other? What happened to all that efforts? Here’s a harsh truth! Once our job gets done, we stop putting extra efforts. Similarly, when you are successfully moving with a long-term relationship, we often forget to put those extra efforts to make it better.

Coming to the real business, you might feel comfortable with your loose sweatpants after you are back from work. You often end up roaming around the house with messy hair, since it’s a lazy Sunday morning. It’s totally fine to be comfy but sometimes you need some change. The kind of clothes and the look you put on has a great impact on how your partner will see you and how you feel. So at least once or twice a week, try to slip on into something sexy, make up your hair and dress up to impress your partner.

2. Go for date nights

Our lives have got so busy and especially when you have kids in your life, you have zero time for each other. To make a relationship more attractive, you need to do certain interesting things that you do not do on a regular basis in your busy life schedule. Plan out for a movie, only you and your partner, go for a romantic dinner with a glass of wine. So basically, get out of your house, try out new things with your partner at least once a week.

3. Get that touchy-feely back!

Well, this is not about just having sex with others. On one hand, sex is important whereas on the other hand, getting that touchy-feely back is also important. Hold hands, cuddle with each other, and go for a long smooch before making out. If you jump straight on the bed and start making out, it would end up too mechanical. What about tingling sensations on your stomach? Just be cozy with each other, sit on a sofa, cuddle each other, get your legs locked, give your partner a little neck massage and you will see the power of touch.

4. Create the ambience

How many feels about sex is not that same for women? Women need a lot of time and space to get into the activity. You just can’t jump on the bed and get all started. Sex for women starts before you get into the bedroom. Certain gestures like sending sexy messages, leaving notes for your partner that you are thinking about him/her throughout the days, brings a lot of excitement and good feelings. The idea that you are being pampered and you are important to someone can bring a lot of difference.

Also, to bring the ambience before making out, you can turn on some soft lights, some music, buy some flowers and so on.

5. Text each other

Couples in the early days of their relationship are always busy on their phones. The reason is well known. You used to send text messages to each other throughout the day to let each other know how much special the other person is in your life. How about doing the same things again? Sending text messages to your partner makes each other feel special. So can just buy a sensuous perfume and spray it in your bedroom, switch off the lights and enjoy texting each other.

6. Try to eat more of aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are so-called “sexy foods” that has a reputation as a sexual enhancer. These foods are around since ancient days. Experts say that each such food has natural benefits that increase sex hormones in body ad releases stress level. Some such foods may include watermelons, oysters, Asparagus, Figs, Chili Pepper, and Chocolate and so on.

One such most talked about aphrodisiacs is Spanish fly. Spanish Fly is made up of blister beetles and it has the power to enhance sex in both men women. The product is supposed to get women in the mood of loving whereas in men it can bring raging erections.

7. Roleplay

Role Play is a great way to bring spice in your relationship. In a role play, you and your partner are pretending to be someone else, someone who is a complete stranger for each other. This kind of dramatic sexual activity can bring a lot of adventure and excitement in your relationship. Not only for sex, but you guys can also try this even in your living room and find out what’s coming next.

Try out the above-mentioned points and see the magic!



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