7 Things to Teach Your Children Before They Go to College

Sending your child off to college can be more terrifying than anyone can ever imagine. There is a great possibility for many things to go wrong – how can you even sleep when the thought of your child being alone in a new environment without you keeps disturbing your mind? But since your child has to leave your nest for college someday, then the best you can do is to teach them a few things before they set off to college. This will actually protect them from making reckless decisions that most typical freshmen students make. Here are the 7 things your kids must be taught before they leave your nest for college:

1. You make your own decisions 

College students are often frustrated with the social hierarchy on campus, professors’ teaching styles, or the restrictions they’ve to go through to get to the administration or the academic advisors. Your child has to understand that some things are inevitable and you don’t have to lay low to fit in the class of the so-called ‘popular kids’. Teach your kids to always follow the college’s protocols and at the same time seek necessary help from the dean or the chairman without being afraid whenever they need assistance. They should also learn how to best prepare for any upcoming tests. Preparation should include choosing the right prep courses and books on ExamGenius or from any trusted sources.

2. Always remember the reason they’re in college

Your kids have to know that not all kids who join college actually graduate at the end of their college years. The number of college drop-outs has been rising at an alarming rate and in spite of what happens, he or she should always purpose to get that degree by the end of the course. Your kids have to know how to avoid distractions or anything else that might set them off from achieving their academic objectives. Get some real-life examples of people who didn’t graduate from college because of some reckless decisions they made in their freshmen year, and let the kids know that they’re responsible for any decision they make during their first year.

3. Always think about the future

Your children don’t need to wait until they’re in their senior years to start thinking about their future. In college, every grade counts – starting with the very first grade you get when you join college to the last one you get when you finally complete your course. But working hard and getting good grades is not everything, your child has to come with competent skills to compete effectively in the working environment after graduation. This can only be achieved if the child gets an internship, or even manages to secure a scholarship. Your children should always be focused on creating a better future for themselves.

4. Make friends but take care of yourself

Good friends can be useful in college, but they can’t earn you a degree nor get you a job. The choice of friends they make should not in any way interfere with their academics or the decisions they make. Your children have to know that they might even meet their future husbands or wives in college, but some of the relationships they might get into will not last and should not interfere with the rightful decisions they make concerning their future.

5. Always be hygienic

Since your child will not be staying in a room alone, then he or she should be equally responsible for keeping the room clean. In other words, your kids should be ready to work with their fellow roommates in keeping their rooms tidy. Potenzmittel ohne Rezept Teach your children how to vacuum clean the house before they set off for college. This should go along with lessons on how to groom themselves and be confident enough to interact with others.

6. Never be intimidated

Your children should never be intimidated by their senior students, fellow freshmen, or even their lecturers and professors. They have to know that even the most learned professors on campus were once freshmen and should instead learn from them instead of being intimidated by their qualifications. Senior students, on the other hand, have nothing special over them apart from joining the college before them and have no right to intimidate anyone.

7. Have fun

Being too serious with things while in college can actually affect your children’s physiological stability as well as their academic success. Your children must have fun while in college – they must create time to ‘release stress’, attend campus events, and even go out once in a while. Let your children create some extra time to hung out with friends and at the same time laugh to freshen up from the workload in class.

Charles Bowers is a marriage consultant. He also blogs to keep a healthy marriage, developing a good relationship with your kids, and other helpful advice to keep your family happy.