10 Tips for First time travelers to Chicago

Chicago is the most swanky and third-largest city in the United States of America, which could be pretty overwhelming for first-time travelers. Whether you plan to head to Chicago for a business trip or vacation purpose, it would be not very comforting to travel to a new city for the first-ever in your life.

Various logistical hurdles are there, from figuring out the best neighborhoods to public transportations to almost everything! Are you about to arrive in Chicago and worrying about where to find the luggage storage in lockers? Don’t worry!

The days of rummaging for luggage storage in lockers are over when you have your companion, the Luggage storage Chicago. However, without any further delay, let’s look at the top 10 tips to follow while traveling to Chicago for the first time!

Take the EI to and from the Chicago airport

American government’s predilection for building a new express train from O’Hare International Airport to downtown will help the business travelers. The regular Chicago transit jurisdiction EI trains provide direct service to both airports at a reasonable rate.

Download the ParkChicago app if you do drive

Downloading the ParkChicago app will help you pay for all the paid street parking if you want to use your car for driving. Create an account on parkchicago.com while linking your credit card credentials and license plate number. It guides you through all your street parking requirements!

Give yourself sufficient time to perceive where you are heading to

Delays are inevitable whether you are on freeways or motorways. Are you trying to make a swift appointment with a strict start time? It could be anything – a meeting, theater curtain, or even a dinner reservation. So, take much time to ponder how to go safely.

Take advantage of the Pedway

Pedway is the underground network of tunnels connected with the skyscrapers, retail stores, and hotels. First-time Chicago travelers can avail of this tunnel to get around anywhere in spite of derogatory weather conditions.

Bring your bathing suit

Packing your bathing suit is necessary if you want to enjoy the turquoise water of Lake Michigan, as Chicago is thousands of miles away from the ocean.

Be ready to have your luggage searched at larger locations

If you are going to any music festivals or theaters, the security will do a mandatory peek inside your luggage as a part of checking. It’s a standard practice whether you are a tourist or a business commuter.

Don’t visit in winter

Chilberia is a famous nickname of Chicago. Make sure to plan your trip once Chicago thaws out, specifically around May.

Plan to go for an architecture tour

Chicago is renowned for its world-class architecture. Therefore, being a first-time traveler, you should plan to indulge in an architecture tour to know more about the city.

Carry some cash for other situations

Chicago has some cash-only destinations where a credit card is not acceptable. That’s why you should carry extra cash every time.

Download the necessary apps to get around

Apple and Google maps provide solid directions, and you may also avail of Lyft and Uber apps to get a quick ride. If you are a conscious navigator, download the transit app for real-time projections.

You must have arrived in Chicago, and now what? Where to drop off your bags so you can enjoy your day? Store luggage in Chicago will store your baggage at a reasonable rate. Hop on for stunning views of Lake Michigan and skyscrapers and elevate your first-time Chicago journey.