7 Communication Related Emojis You Can Use on Social Media!



Using emojis has become so popular nowadays. Most people on social media integrate different emojis with their post content or stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other popular social media platforms. These emojis are symbols that will represent your message and convey its meaning to your audience or recipients.


Hence, instead of using words alone, these emojis will strengthen and add more meaning to your message based on your intention; another thing to consider is knowing the best scenarios to use emojis. So, if you are in the mood to be upbeat and chatty with friends or officemates, you should send the parrot emoji to show your genuine excitement in the conversation. In any case, here are seven communication-related emojis that will be helpful in marketing, relevant discussions, or your future social media content!

Laptop Computer Emoji

You can draw a lot of meanings from the laptop computer emoji because laptops serve as crucial communication devices nowadays. It portrays an open laptop computer that seems turned off. The laptop in the emoji has black bezels, a keyboard, and a trackpad.

Laptops are popular devices for busy professionals on the go since this type of computer is often lightweight and portable. Using this emoji can help your readers know that you are talking about an actual laptop, issues or topics regarding laptops, or a specific model you may want to buy.

The laptop emoji can also be helpful when adding imagery to a job listing related to programming, computer engineering, graphics design, or any profession that may require a laptop. As part of Unicode 6.0, this fully qualified emoji was introduced in 2010.

Desktop Computer Emoji

As the laptop computer emoji, you may use the desktop emoji in various contexts. Since the pandemic, many people have stayed indoors and switched to investing in desktop setups. Desktop computers are ideal communication devices for work because they can sometimes be more powerful than laptops, giving you options to bump up the specs for excellent performance.

Marketers may use the desktop computer emoji for remote job opportunities since, during these times, people can easily associate this device with the work-from-home setup. The emoji is part of Unicode 7.0, added in 2014, which was also added to Emoji 0.7.

Mobile Phone Emoji

The mobile phone emoji is a popular emoji used on social media. The emoji represents an image of a gray or black cellular phone with a home screen in blue color or various icons of downloaded applications. The mobile phone emoji was qualified and part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

This emoji conveys various interpretations. When you send it to your friends on any social media platform, it means that you want to talk about technology, or you want to open a discussion concerning anything about cellular phones. It tells your friend you want to share ideas about the latest phone in the market or the best phone to purchase today. It could also mean that you’re eliciting ideas of the latest popular mobile apps that you can try on your phone.

Fax Machine Emoji

This emoji represents a fax machine’s image with paper in its tray ready to use. It was approved and part of Unicode 6.0 last 2010, and it was successfully added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. Many people are using this fax machine emoji as an icon usually placed before a particular fax number.

Most people integrate this emoji into their written messages to mean facts or truthful information. Suppose there’s new information about a specific topic. In that case, you can send this emoji to your social media friends to open up a discussion of the said topic so you can elicit their ideas and opinions. You can also use this emoji to talk about any shocking news or the most awaited upcoming events.

Telephone Emoji

The telephone emoji is also common to any social media platform, and it is represented by an image of an old-fashioned telephone device. Most people usually use this emoji to convey a direct connotation. If you want to send a telephone emoji to your friends, it means that you’re requesting them to call you within a particular time frame, or you’re giving them a promise to call them sometime later.

Some people will use this emoji to mean that they want to purchase a new telephone device or get a new telephone number to replace the existing one. Hence, telephone emojis have a basic connotation of the device itself or the communication technology you can talk about online with your friends.

Pager Emoji

Before cellular phones became so popular, most people usually used a pager for communication. It beeps to alert you when you receive a phone call or a text message. Even if smartphones have been so popular in this generation, many people still use pagers today, especially those who work in the medical and security fields for emergency purposes.

Hence, people used the pager in old-fashioned communication technology. Suppose you want to open up a discussion about different modes of communication used many years ago. In that case, you can send this pager emoji to your friends on social media so you can elicit their various ideas and opinions.

Besides that, some people also use this emoji to alert someone about a significant event or occasion or an update of a most-awaited celebration.

Telephone Receiver Emoji

The telephone receiver emojis have a similar connection to a mobile phone emoji, and it means that someone is currently calling your phone number. This emoji represents an image of a handset of the old-fashioned telephone device with the microphone and speaker positioned at an angle of 45 degrees.

Many people use this telephone receiver emoji as an icon before a particular phone number, and it has a connotation of phone-calling in literal and figurative contexts. It depends on your intention and using this emoji on any platform.


Using emojis continues to be popular among most people on social media. It strengthens your message in every post content or stories you share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the popular platforms. Hence, if you haven’t used any emoji yet, it’s time for you to explore different emojis, including the list above, to reinforce your message to your social media friends.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Cs3y8Mn6-Gk