7 best places for singles to find hookups this year



If you want to be a guy who hooks up with a lot of women, it’s not just about who you are. Yes, your looks and personality are hugely important, but there’s another factor that doesn’t get mentioned as much.

That factor is: where you hang out.

If you can create a life where you’re spending most of your time in one of the seven locations listed below, there’s every chance you can be getting laid more than the most attractive single guys.

That’s because you’ll be presented with a lot more opportunities than the average dude–the types of hookup opportunities that even the dumbest guys can capitalize on. If you can combine great hookup logistics with a bit of game, that’s when your body count can easily begin to escalate in the triple figures (if that’s what you want…).

These tips also work for women, although most attractive women could easily find a willing partner to get laid anywhere at any time.

Either way, let’s explore the 7 best places for singles to find hook-ups, but remember to keep yourself safe at all times..

1. At The Club

Any regular in the clubbing scene will know how it works…

The girls get dressed up to the nines. They down a bunch of shots. Their inhibitions disappear. They shake their ass for hours with their friends on the dance floor. They turn down a bunch of the loser guys who approach them.

But at the end of the night, they’re usually incredibly horny.

If you can be that cool fun guy who approaches in the right way at the right time, it’s possible that you could be hooking up within minutes of meeting.

No texting. No first dates. No first names needed.

It becomes even easier if you live within walking distance of the club.

Of course, if she’s too drunk, perhaps you don’t want to be sleeping with her that night.

Still, in every single culture across the globe, bars and nightclubs remain the best places for single men and women to hook up.

2. Hookup Websites

You may have noticed that women tend to spam their mainstream online dating profiles with good girl slogans like “No Hook-Ups,” “No Fuckboys,” “Looking For Something Serious” and the works.

You may have also realized that these women will still hook up with you if you’ve got an awesome profile.

Even so, you can skip all of this BS by signing up to an online dating website that caters exclusively to those seeking hook-ups.

On these websites, there are no misunderstandings about what men and women are looking for. For this reason, you can usually find a woman to come straight over to your place without having to text back and forth for days on end.

You can check out reliable hookup app reviews to find the best and most reliable apps for hook-ups.

3. Workplaces

There are certain types of workplaces where all the staff are hooking up. Rather distastefully, these are often nicknamed “incestuous” workplaces.

While it’s not generally recommended to make career choices based solely on how easy it is to bang your colleagues, all “incestuous” workplaces do tend to have one or several of the same qualities.

Here’s what to look out for.

  • Incredibly long and unsociable hours. If the staff travel together, live at the workplace or barely have time to socialize outside of work, they’re far more likely to end up sleeping with work colleagues. Examples include cruise ship workers, summer camp workers and professional entertainers on tour.
  • The staff are mostly young and stupid. If the staff are mostly in the adventurous age range of 18 to 21 and don’t really give a damn about their job, they’re more likely to spend their time flirting with co-workers. Examples include call centers, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In many cases, the young beautiful women are all sleeping with their slightly-older manager. It’s a power thing…
  • “Outsiders” struggle to accept the demands of the job. The obvious example here is adult movie stars who often date each other. Models, professional entertainers and professional athletes also fit into this category, for sure.

4. College

They call it “the best time of your life” for a reason.

An entire campus full of horny young adults, discovering what it’s like to be young, dumb and free. They’re drunk for most of the semester and they live together in dorms. No more explanation needed.

Just don’t let all that sex ruin your grades.

5. Holiday Resorts

If you can find a way to move to Cancun, Las Vegas, Miami South Beach or any of the Spanish, Greek or Thai islands, you’re onto a winner. Live here and you’ll be surrounded by young attractive people, free from their home-town reputation, looking to let their hair down and enjoy some adventures.

Try getting a summer job at a bar or as a club rep in one of these destinations. If you’re single and know how to talk to the opposite sex, it’ll be the most enjoyable job you ever have.

6. Parties

If you’re a single man, you’re probably going to have put in more effort to get invited to these parties. A lot of them will limit single male tickets and/or charge a lot more. Your best bet is to befriend someone who hosts these parties, or a woman who is already established in the scene.

While it’s not guaranteed you’ll get laid at these parties, there is a higher chance than at regular nightclubs. If you do make the right connection with someone, there are rooms at these parties ready for you to get it on.

7. Local coffee shops

You might not think that spending a little time at your local coffee shop is a good plan but you’d be surprised. A lot of people meet other singles while sipping a cup of joe.

The key is to make it part of your routine. Instead taking your coffee to go, pull up a chair and hang out for a while. It’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with regulars and there will be a stream of other singles who come in the whole time.