7 Bathing Suit Rules That Every Woman Should Follow


A bathing suit is perhaps the most challenging outfit for any woman. No matter how perfect your body is, you may still not be able to carry a bathing suit perfectly. Things can get even tougher if you have flab and flaws that you want to hide. Whether you are plus-sized or blessed with a toned figure, you need to be extra smart while shopping and wearing swimsuits. The idea is to aspire for pieces that are just right for you, even while following the basic bathing suit rules. If you are not sure about these rules, let us list them for you.

Rule #1: Prioritize your comfort

You may love the latest swimsuit trend or a bikini that your favorite celebrity sported in her last movie. But don’t just pick a bathing suit that looks good on someone else. Rather, prioritize your comfort over everything else because you would not look good in a piece that you are not comfortable in. Comfort refers to the ease with which you can wear the suit at a pool party with friends or to the beach on a family vacation.

Rule #2: Be very particular about the fit

The most important aspect of buying and wearing swimwear is the fit. No matter how amazing a swimsuit looks on a model, it will not look good on you unless it drapes your curves perfectly. As a rule of thumb, never buy a bathing suit without trying. In case you are shopping online, you can trust the size guides if you are a seasoned shopper. Still, it is worth checking their exchange and return policy so that the size issues can be sorted out easily.

Rule #3: Know the suits that are best for your body type

Knowing your body type is mandatory while shopping all kinds of fashion outfits and bathing suits are not an exception. Accepting that certain styles are not for you is another rule that you should follow. For example, you cannot expect to look good in a stringed bikini if you have a flabby midriff. Someone who is well-toned, on the other hand, can carry practically every swimwear style with ease. You can seek a stylist’s help to determine the best swimsuits for your shape.

Rule #4: Don’t settle for anything but the best

Whether you shop bathing suits online or from a brand store, don’t settle for anything but the one you want. If you are looking for sexy vintage bathing suits, find pieces that match your expectations and look good as well. Shopping online is your best bet because you can explore countless options with just a few clicks. Additionally, there is a convenience of doorstep delivery. Even when you check out brand stores, be willing to go the extra mile to find swimsuits that you want to own.

Rule #5: Be open to experimentation

While you would want to stick to the regular styles that match your body shape, you should still be open to experimentation with bathing suits. Why not try an ultra-chic bandeau style that is in trend? Why just always wear a black swimsuit when you have an array of vibrant colors to choose from? Rather than going ahead to buy swimwear in colors and styles you have never worn before, you can try them and decide. There are some websites that even offer virtual try rooms to visualize how a swimsuit would look on you.

Rule #6: Don’t fall short of the basics

Of course, experimentation is something that you must absolutely do but don’t fall short of the basics. A basic black one-piece is a staple for every woman and so is a printed bikini. So if your swimwear basics no longer fit as they should or look worn out, replace them sooner rather than later. Also, give your swimsuit closet a makeover once in a while by getting rid of the outdated styles and adding ones that are trending.

Rule #7: Invest in quality

Bathing suits are risky because you cannot afford a malfunction with them. Imagine how a broken strap or lose elastic can get you in trouble when you encounter such an issue unexpectedly on the beach. Ensure that you always buy quality suits from the best brands. Don’t look for cheap stuff because such bathing suits seldom give you value for money.

Following these swimsuit rules can help you shop bathing suits smartly and wear them like a style diva. Make sure that you adhere to them with every single piece you pick for your wardrobe.

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