7 Attractions In Amsterdam That Are Worth A Visit For All First Time Travellers 


Beautiful but interesting, quaint but quirky, modern but classic; this is the AMSTERDAM you’re planning to visit in 2020 just like the other 15 million tourists who throng the city almost every year! 


Blessed with beautiful canals, narrow vintage houses, bicycles, abundant flower varieties, historical sites, extremely liberal culture, and much more, the city never fails to impress. (No, we’re not kidding!) In fact, we believe, this is the best part of it. 


All those planning to visit this iconic European city for the very first time, here’s a huge shoutout to you. 

But, first things first. It is said that this Dutch capital has pleasant weather all year long; however, the best time to visit is anytime from April to May or September to November. 


Although this gorgeous city has hundreds of things to do that can’t be covered in a single piece, we have shed light on the seven MUST-VISIT attractions for your first time there. 


Read on to find out! 



  • Head to Westerkerk, the former home to royal weddings



The famous Renaissance church built in 1631 is the biggest church in Amsterdam. Reason enough for everyone to visit it, right?


Its significance? 


Well, the famous Rembrandt (one of the greatest storytellers in the history of art) was buried here in 1669. His grave is what attracts millions of tourists to this tall-standing tower. 


A pretty eerie sight though! But, definitely a must-visit for all the first-time travellers


P.S. Tourists can climb the much-admired Westertrek tower that stands 85m/275 ft high during the peak season and enjoy an amazing view of the Amsterdam city from its balcony. 



  • Rijksmuseum to satiate the bookworm in you 



Undoubtedly, Rijksmuseum is one of the best places to visit for all the book-lovers and geeks out there! 


With 250 rooms to explore and a library of over 35000 books, what else do you expect it to do than satiate the needs of a bookworm? (wink wink)


Why should everyone else visit it too? 


Well, the architecture of this building is spectacular! Plus, you can also admire the artwork and antiquities.  


Fact: Did you know the museum has on display 8000 objects of art and history from their total collection of 1 million objects from the year 1200-2000, among which were masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer?  



  • Admire the Van Gogh Museum 



The Van Gogh Museum taps into the life of the famous post-impressionist painter and one of the most influential people, Van Gogh. It sheds light on his life and his incredible work. From paintings to letters, to even his family and friends, the museum’s interior is adorned with everything about his life and is a sight for the sore eyes.


His painting style is admired by the budding artists of today so much so that he is an inspiration to most of them. 


Marvel at his paintings while you gain insights into his life!   



  • Visit the opulent Royal Palace 



Situated on Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam, the Royal Palace was originally built in the seventeenth century as the city hall by Jacob van Campen. It was built to convey the civic power of the 17th century Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic in general.


Presently in use by the Dutch Royal House, the space remains open for visitors all year long. Head to witness the stunning sight in the heart of Amsterdam while learning about the rich history it holds. Moreover, you will surely remain mesmerized by its magnificent interiors!  


P.S. Do make sure to check out a few state rooms too. Trust us, they are breathtakingly phenomenal! 



  • All shopaholics must head to 9 Straatjes



Is any trip complete without shopping and souvenirs? 


We bet not!


So, if you want to give yourself a break from consuming all the knowledge about the city and admiring its gorgeous architecture, head to the 9 streets or as locally known, 9 Straatjes. 


Here, you will find shops selling designer handmade items and come across tastefully designed cafes, boutiques and gift shops. From apparel to artisan chocolates, you get it all here!


The place is not only a delight to the eyes but also a satisfaction to the soul of all shopping enthusiasts. Grab a few exclusive souvenirs for your loved ones and put a smile on their pretty faces when you hand these to them. 


P.S. Amsterdam is home to a number of markets. Albert Cuyp, Ten Kate, Foodhallen are some of the most popular of all. Make sure to check them out too while you have a chance! 



  • Watch the Amsterdam city while floating on water



Watching this amazing city while floating on water…sounds exciting, isn’t it? 


It actually is and you get to experience it only after you book yourself any of the Amsterdam canal cruises. While there are both day and night cruises, we suggest you opt for the night cruise, if possible.


At night, the network of canals exudes a different charm; credits to the beautiful lights of the bridges. The feeling is surreal when you hop on a cruise at nighttime and explore Amsterdam under the sparkling city lights. 


P.S. You may hop on a day cruise if nighttime is packed for you. Be assured, you shall not be disappointed! 



  • Head to the famous clubs and experience Amsterdam’s nightlife



Amsterdam’s nightlife has not made the rounds for nothing. It is a party animal’s haven and trust us, the city has so much more to offer than the cliche pub crawls and the coffee shop culture. 


Wait, did we not mention it? 


In Amsterdam, if you wish to have coffee, you head to cafes and NOT coffee shops. Because coffee shops there sell cannabis. So, only if you want to smoke it up, head there! 


Coming back to the night clubs, there are many of them. For instance, the Radion is the most preferred destination of all the ravers of the city. Here, you’ll find a mind-blowing sound system and some ‘private parties’ kicking off in the ‘underground smoking room’. 


Dance all night and experience the best time of your lives! 


Final Word


Got your mind blown away reading this? 


Experience this happening when you visit this fabulous city.


While Amsterdam is a destination for all party freaks, it is a rich cultural sight for the common folks. Not to forget, the charm of its magnificent and royal buildings.


Seems it involves too much walking? It certainly does; so be prepared and pack your best footwear. You can carry your military boots if you wish as not only are they comfortable but also keep you warm in the cold weather. That being said, pack stuff smartly and don’t haul. 


Happy travelling!







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