4 Ways To Spend A Guy’s Weekend Out

If you are one of those guys that have lifelong friends that you love spending time with, here are some ideas you may not have considered for spending your nights out with your titanium bonded friends. For those of you with new friends or potentially new guy buddies, the same activities can apply to create fun times out with a small or very large group of guys.


Most guys love beer. Whether it entails playing games for a drink, stacking the empty bottles, or finding out how all the different flavors are made, guys want to know it all. No matter where you live, you can probably find a few micro-breweries close by that offer an inside look into how the brews are created and what the fermentation process requires. Along with most of the tours comes a free tasting at the end of the walk-through. Are you up to more than one on the weekend? Take a group tour for a day or evening long taste-testing experience unlike any other.

Great Golfing

Take your launch monitor and head to the nearest driving range or public golf course. If you live in a wet or scorching area, look for an indoor driving range and try to hit some of those high-tech targets supplied by the company. Many ranges offer club rentals for those last-minute golfers or guys that just want to learn what golf is all about. You can test the accuracy of your swing, your ball’s elevation, and even bet an expensive meal out after the game – loser paying, of course.

Guy’s Grub

Brews, beef, and bread are all part of the stereotypical perfect guy’s grub meal, and for a good reason. Choose from juicy ribs, thick steak, or bacon-wrapped brats and then compliment it with your favorite flavor of beer. Whether you prefer dark, bitter, sour, or sweet, you can find the perfect pairing in the dozens of beers offered by bars, restaurants, and eateries. Don’t forget to order some of your favorite types of bread to wrap all that meat in, and to soak up all the juices.

Taco Run

Guys love tacos with good reason, and there are great taco hole-in-the-wall shops that sell amazingly perfect tacos. From authentic Mexican brain tacos to pineapple pork cuisine tacos, you can find it all in an eatery near you.

If you are getting together with the guys, don’t worry about planning beforehand. Even ordering tacos and watching the big screen with the guys can make for an enjoyable weekend.

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