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In the present age, many people (singles) are rapidly turning to smartphone dating applications to find their perfect match or just to hang out for a little bit and have fun. Women, especially, are not only looking for just a great match but also for apps and websites with strict community guidelines and safety measures so that they can easily and comfortably connect with strangers online. Lesbian Dating apps are a great option which can help women out.

Regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, most of the time, women become the victims of harassment, abusive comments and oftentimes end up receiving unwanted pictures that make them uneasy. This makes online dating really difficult, unappealing and stressful. Fortunately, there are many sites and applications that are now making improvements to reduce such activities in order to make their female user more comfortable while they use the app.

Here we have listed some amazing dating apps for women. If you already have one, why not switch to another for a change? After all, who knows when you will find your Mr Perfect?


Many women agree on the fact that Hinge is one of the amazing dating apps that is available for women to find their soulmate online. This application has many aspects that do not favor ‘mindless swiping’ at all on matches that can be your potential partners. Hinge is an application that only shows you a specific number of matches in a day so that it becomes easier for you to think a couple of times before saying no or yes to a suggested match.

During the creation of your profile, you are required to answer some questions in detail. It is not only about writing a bio and tap done. Profiles that are your potential matches will be able to comment on your answers for starting a conversation, or they will comment on any of your pictures to do so.

Women mostly like Hinge because the suggested potential matches are friends of your friends which means that you already have a sort of connection with them. And this enables you to ask about your match to that mutual friend; maybe you guys have something in common, went to the same university or college, or lived in the same neighborhood.


Bumble is a feminist dating application. It has features that allow women to take charge. The good part is that the applications work the same way as the other applications like Tinder, but only women are allowed to initiate a conversation with a potential match.

This helps to minimize the amount of explicit and unwanted messages and allows women to decide whether they want to connect with someone or not.

One thing that many users usually complain about is that many of their messages are left unanswered, and this somehow makes them feel that the app is contributing to boosting men’s ego. According to male users, receiving messages from women makes them feel attractive and desirable.

The sad news for LGBT women is that this application has nothing much extraordinary for them. It has no specific feature for gay women to rely on to find a meaningful connection. Bumble also does not provide LGBTQ+ with the option to specify their sexual orientation or gender, i.e. straight or gay.

The League

The League is a dating application that does everything for you, as long as you are willing to pay. For logging in, you need active LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and the application will do your assessment based on the information that you have mentioned on them, such as your professional career and your education.

You will be required to fill out an application after which you are added to a waiting list for a certain time limit (it is different for each city). After becoming a member, a personal concierge will help you curate your profile and do all the work for you.

This application encourages you to be very picky while deciding what kind of person you want to appear in your matches. The filters allow you to search not only by location and age but also by education and even race. Regularly you will see 5 matches at 5 pm, and you will decide whether or not you want to connect with them.

The profile of users show photos, height, education, location, hobbies, and career. If two users are interested in connecting, they can start chatting through the application’s built-in messaging feature. If you are looking for more than just 5 matches, you will have to upgrade the membership at an additional cost. The League also organizes group events and hangouts for its users who feel easier to meet other users this way.


It is oftentimes called Grindr for women who are LGBT. This app is basically a part social network and part dating app. Her allows its users to like photos of other users located globally or locally and connect with them if they both show mutual interest. Through Her, you can join a community of almost five million bisexual, lesbian and queer users living in different parts of the world to create a connection.


If you are single with an unpredictable schedule and you are always running back and forth to places which makes it even harder for you to find a date, try using Now. This application is available for iOS as well as for Android.

This app is not one of the best apps to find a meaningful connection as it focuses more on when two users are free (at the same time) to meet. But still, it provides a good chance to meet new people and gives fun. Maybe someday, you will meet someone with mutual interests and end up becoming a couple.

This application is free to use and uses your location to find dates while you are on the road or traveling. A Facebook profile is required to link with the app’s profile. You will be asked you mention your hobbies and intentions in the app’s dashboard. Also, in the dashboard, you select a time frame and activity just so you could see if any user is available at that time and is interested in meeting you.

The app has a built-in messaging feature, but the chats between users are only available for two hours. When you sign up, you are given 4 access keys that maximize your chances of connecting with more users. If you are looking for more access keys, you can purchase them later. Buying a Gold Key gives you access to the application’s premium features for about 60 hours.


The number of people relying on dating apps to find their soulmate is increasing day by day. There are tons of applications that have been introduced in recent years with improved features for all genders and with strict community guidelines so as to make online dating easier and fun.


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