6 Tips To Increase Your Productivity In 2021


Work productivity has been a struggle of many, especially at the start of the pandemic last year. You hope for a better career this year as you always wanted. Then start it by doing your work better. Thus, you need to boost your productivity.

When building your work productivity, characterizing what you need, practicing how to manage your time, bringing yourself in, focusing on your own, and having leisure time to avoid mental exhaustion is essential. When you do the following strategies below, it may help you boost your productivity at work and still live a healthy lifestyle regardless of where you work:

Set Goals You Can Achieve

It’s a new year. Time to set new goals in life might as well do it with your work too. The majority has been setting their goals, and you can do that too. Understanding what you’re doing is the first step in working your productivity. This includes your own performance, the team, or the business as a whole.

In spite of that, having a record of how you’re planning to achieve your goals may lead you to know what you should do to accomplish your goals. If this overwhelms you, you may start a weekly or monthly set of goals that are way easier before going with the big thing. That way, you can work productively as you can easily achieve your goals.

Setting goals that you want to accomplish doesn’t require talent. You only need to work hard on it. As they say, hard work vs talent is common because hard work lets a person achieve something through perseverance even without talent. You can show that you work hard through achieving your goals.

Of course, you don’t want to regret that you didn’t accomplish your goals at the end of the year, so ensure that the goals that you set are not too complex for you that may still achieve them. Always monitor yourself. Your goals might change, depending on your environment. Try recording your goals so that it may not be hard for you to track your progress.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking may drop your productivity level. When people often jump from different kinds of work, their productivity rate decreases by 40%. They even said that multitasking may be harming your brain cells.

So, quit attempting to do everything at once, you can just increase your productivity alternatively. Start it by focusing on one task. At a point that you feel that your eyes, hand, or brain start to wander, consider that as a sign that you’re not focused on the task at hand.

Complete Eight Hours Of Sleep

Lack of sleep has negative effects on work productivity. Productivity is a function of the brain, and getting eight hours of sleep, especially at night, may attain this.

In this time, non-stop learning is needed for leaders, but sleep is essential. It allows your body to recharge, stay healthy and fights diseases. It’s also important for your brain as it helps in-memory processing, as well as concentration and functioning properly.

Having a great sleeping habit can be difficult, especially if you’re too engaged in activities that deprive you of your sleep.

If you find it difficult to sleep, you can do the following tips to improve your sleep pattern:

  • Get your family ready. Most of the time, your family is a great influence on why you’re not getting proper sleep. Watching movies together until midnight, parties, or playing computer games. Try opening up about getting better sleep habits and encourage your family to do it with you. Make rules that are associated with having a better sleeping schedule like no more using of gadgets until a specific time and reducing alcohol intake.
  • Do mindfulness meditation. It’s true that our worries keep us awake at night. Breathing methods or any other way to reduce your stress may help you.
  • Start by keeping your gadgets away from you. Using gadgets at bedtime delays melatonin production, stimulates the brain and increases alertness, and rejects the circadian rhythm of the body, leading to unstable sleeping and waking up hours. Replace your usage of gadgets before bedtime with books or any non-gadget activity.
  •  Mute Your Phone

Many applications can be a really big distraction when working. Muting your phone helps, adjusting it to low brightness, and changing your wallpaper to gray colors.

If you’re having a hard time focusing because of these, try apps that lock your phone. These apps are designed to lock your cell phone after you set it to a certain time.

Set A Timer On Your Phone

Evaluate yourself by estimating the time you need for a bunch of tasks, and set a timer while doing each one. There are also different ways, but it’s up to you on what method you’ll use. The Pomodoro technique is a method that lets you rest for 5 minutes after a 25-minute work.

You may consider using timer apps if you have a task that requires a longer time.

Use Technology Wisely

Modern technology has been a great help in the world, but the usage has been accelerated by the pandemic. Everything that people normally do such as face-to-face meetings is moved virtually.

These set-ups are leading many people to use different kinds of gadgets while working.

Tablets are in demand right now. People use it as a second screen next to their computers or laptops. Others use it for notes.

Although having various gadgets can be useful, let one device do everything for you. For instance, you can use apps on your computer to take down notes while working such as sticky notes. Thus, you can work more efficiently while avoiding gadget distractions.


Your productivity relies on you. No matter if you’re in a space with an ambiance to keep you in a working mode, your productivity will still rely on your willingness to be in one. That’s why instead of going for big goals immediately, start with small goals. That way, you know you can achieve them easily, motivating you to work more. Then, avoid multitasking so that you can focus on finishing one task at hand. It also helps to have enough sleep so that your mind and body can be prepared for your next day’s activities.

Moreover, avoid using gadgets while working. Instead, use them to your advantage. You may use timers on your phone to make you finish a task. But, if you get distracted by your phone, you can install apps on your desktop to help you work better. By doing these tips, you can increase your productivity.



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