6 Tips to Boost Your Daily Productivity

Productivity is vital not just for individual success but that of the teams we work with as well. We always want to get more done in the time we have during the day. Yet time is one thing we wish more of and waste so often.

But, how do you perform efficiently and accomplish everything you want to, if not more? Most of us spend a significant amount of time on trivial things and rush through the important things. But, the fact remains that as far as productivity goes, we have some figuring out to do.

We’ve researched and prepared some of the most effective ways that will greatly enhance your productivity.

Have a Schedule and Adapt

This is the Holy Grail. After working on a job for long, we often find ourselves slogging away. For those in sales, it gets to a time when you’re no longer getting the leads and making those sales. When we get here, figuring out what to do is urgent before we slide into a miserable life.

Instead of working with normal routine 9-5, have you tried a different approach? Are you more productive in the morning or afternoon? Generally, people are busier in the mornings so if you are making calls, make them in the afternoon.

Make a schedule that suits you and focus on having important tasks when you are at your most punctual. For most people, it is in the mid-morning, but everyone has their own unique preferences. Create and use your schedule to optimize your time.

Have a Social Media Detox

We all love scrolling social media pages for those cat videos or to see where our friends visited last weekend. Or, it could be to catch-up on those emotional discussions on Facebook about climate change. You promised to scroll for 5 minutes but 30 minutes later you are on your 17th video. And, we’re not even talking about Twitter and how addictive it can be. These social media sites take a significant amount of your productive time.

We know what you’re thinking. Uninstalling is just the extreme of a measure. You don’t have to uninstall the apps. You could get an app that measures and analyzes the apps that take most of your time. While the statistics may be shocking, it will help you develop a healthier routine or take a break altogether. We all love social media, but it can be a bottomless pit.

Think of Your Goals Differently

It is a common saying that procrastination is the enemy of progress. It might be common knowledge but we always find ourselves there. Setting your goals differently will help you say no to procrastination.

For example, you might not be in the mood to polish up that report now but get on it for a few minutes. You’ll soon realize those few minutes turn into 2 hours of great work. And, it works both ways. Nurture good habits and avoid the bad habit of procrastination.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Do you have your tasks planned out? Arrange them in the order of priority. Experts recommend you use calendar pages as an effective tool that will allow you to prioritize tasks and focus on what matters the most first. Remember, most of the tasks you undertake won’t have outcomes in a few weeks or months. Planning wisely is advised.

Do a Thing at A time

It is simple, and it works effectively. Do one thing at a time when you walk to a place. If you are going to the yard and it needs some sweeping, do it then. If you’re going to get your coffee in the kitchen and realize the pots need to be put aside, do it then. If you’re walking into the dining room and realize tablecloths need some changing, change them then.

It is a little bit like the 5-minute rule. If it takes less than 5 minutes do it now.

We waste a lot of time between things – time that can be used more productively. If you’re waiting for your coffee, why not put pots away as the kettle boils?

Have Some Scheduled Breaks


We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it counterintuitive? Taking scheduled breaks reduces distractions and helps enhance productivity. The trick is, to keep the breaks at a minimum. Studies show that short breaks in between long tasks help you maintain a constant punctuality level and optimal performance. Working without breaks will significantly reduce your productivity.

These tricks will enhance your productivity in everyday routines. The point is, use these tips to form new habits and be consistent.

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