6 Tips for Overcoming Post-Pandemic Stress by Accessing Your Inner Therapist

As COVID-19 numbers diminish in response to vaccinations, and restrictions ease, many of us are eager to resume our pre-pandemic lives as we remember them. We think we should feel excited, joyous, and free, yet often we feel stressed and anxious. How will we rise above these negative feelings to enjoy our freedom?


I have renowned wellness expert Diana Cole, author of Spirit Translator: Seven Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting With Spirit   and the best-selling “Pillars of Success” (August 2020), co-authored with Jack Canfield.


Diana offers tips for accessing our own inner therapist, allowing us to rise above our stress and dissolve anxieties.

“Where do you go when you’re really in a bad place — not just having a bad day, but in crisis?” asks Diana. “Who’s going to help you get out of it? Family? Friends? That support is important, but when it comes right down to it, the only thing that gets you through the worst moments is going inward and asking and receiving the guidance you have access to. When you trust and you listen, things start changing and you start feeling better.”




1.   Think yourself better  You have the ability to think positively and draw toward you everything you want. You have the ability to think yourself better. This is your choice.


2.   Be aware of the quality and tone of your thoughts — It is essential to be fully aware of the quality and tone of your thoughts, as they are the basis of your creative force, your life force.


3.   Emphasize positive thoughts — Whatever you dream of and desire, imagine it vividly. Think about it with a good feeling, with enthusiasm, with expectancy, and with a knowledge of your freedom — and it will come. You have been doing this all your life, but you may not have had the emphasis on positive thought. Make positive thoughts one of your highest priorities.


4.   Find happiness inside YOU — Avoid looking around you to try and find happiness “out there”; your happiness emanates from within you and is continuously influenced by your thoughts. What another person does, thinks, or feels cannot provide your happiness, nor can any of that take your happiness away.


5.   Think kind thoughts — If you want to experience a profound level of happiness and well-being, be passionately aware of how you are thinking about other people. If you think unkind thoughts about another person, happiness cannot flourish. On the other hand, thinking thoughts of compassion, understanding, and warmth toward another raise the energetic vibration for both of you — even if those thoughts are never spoken out loud.


6.   Thought is the action that creates your life — Whether you focus your attention negatively or positively, thought is far more than an invisible construct of the mind. Thought is dynamic, unleashing waves of energy into the world. Thought is the action that creates your life. Live by this great truth. Use your power to choose your thoughts wisely and you will be happy with your results