6 Organization Methods to Keep Your Home Clean


When it comes to spending your free time on cleaning, we know you do it unwillingly. If you’re prone to not doing any tidying around the house for days, you know you’ll have to spend several hours on weekend to get everything in order. Since no one really wants to spend their Saturday doing chores, some organization is in order. For that reason, here are 6 organization methods to keep your home clean and yourself happy.

1.     Every day in the Bathroom

The bathroom is by far one of the rooms that get most “traffic”, which is why cleaning it regularly is a must in order to keep the hygiene in check. The easiest way to always have a clean bathroom is to wipe it down every morning before you head out to work. We’re not talking about in-depth cleaning, just the basics like cleaning your toilet bowl, getting any hair and makeup residue out of the sink (yucky, but necessary) and wiping the floor quickly with an old towel or a rag. It’s a good idea to get all the cosmetics out of the way too, just so that you don’t go running around the house next morning looking for your lash curler.

2.     Keep Your Bed under Control

In other words, make your bed as soon as you’re out of it. Since it takes about a minute to do, you can’t excuse your way out of it. Let the making of the bed become your morning ritual and you can be sure that you will notice the difference in your bedroom – it will look put together and orderly, even when you didn’t try too hard to make it happen. Also, if you have a tendency to throw your stuff all over the bed, order yourself to get it back into the closet or the hamper, it will make a world of difference.

3.     Your Landing Area

Every house and apartment should have a “landing area” at the entrance, space where the shoes live, an umbrella wrack, a hanger and a mirror. This is also the place in your house where most of the dirt comes in, so you should clean and vacuum it daily. Having a landing area is also great for leaving the stuff like your bag and your keys in one spot so that you know where to find them and they don’t make clutter around the house. The “landing area” phenomenon was first recognized by cleaning professionals and if you’re in dire need of skilled cleaners, then internet will accommodate – helpling.co.uk and similar websites give you the chance to get your house spick and span in no time.

4.     Clean as You Go.

This tip is a lifesaver. The truth is that you don’t have to specifically set your mind to de-cluttering the house, you can do it on the go. Going to the kitchen? Bring that mug with you and put it in the dishwasher. Headed out to the bathroom? Take your dirty clothes and throw it in the hamper. It’s easy and becomes a reflex very quickly and what’s best, you’ll notice quickly how much of an impact this habit has.

5.     Your Kitchen Needs to Be in Check

It can be really tiring to get home and head out to the kitchen straight away and when you walk in and see a mess, you will turn on your heal and simply order pizza. This is not a good practice for your cleaning habits or for your figure, which is why you should clean your kitchen while you’re preparing your meal. Wash the dishes, wipe the countertops clean and put away all the appliances you used in their place. That way, once you’re done with dinner, all you need to do is put the dishes in the dishwasher and you’re set.

6.     It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to be extremely thorough when it comes to cleaning your house bit by bit daily. It’s much more important to develop cleaning habits that will allow you to clean quickly and efficiently, one day at a time. So don’t obsess if you see that smidge of dust you missed, chances are, you’re the only one who sees it anyway. A good dustbuster can definitely help you to do the tedious job perfectly. So, read reviews of best dustbuster to buy one and make your house glow again.

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