6 Exterior Home Improvements to Grab Buyers’ Attention

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In the bustling real estate market of Pittsburgh, PA, where the median listing home price has seen an upward trajectory to $255,000 in January 2024, marking a notable increase of 13.4% year-over-year, making a standout first impression is more crucial than ever for sellers. In such a competitive landscape, the exterior of a home becomes a pivotal point of attraction, serving not only as a reflection of the home’s upkeep but also as an indicator of its value.

By focusing on key upgrades that enhance a property’s curb appeal, sellers can effectively differentiate their home, drawing in more interest and potentially securing a more favorable sale price.

Fresh Exterior Paint

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a home can work wonders in revitalizing its appearance and attracting buyer attention. Peeling, fading, or outdated paint colors can give the impression of neglect, suggesting that other maintenance aspects of the home may also have been overlooked. In contrast, a newly painted exterior signals care and pride in the property, qualities that resonate well with potential buyers.

Choosing contemporary, neutral paint colors can broaden the home’s appeal, making it attractive to a wider audience. Additionally, high-quality, weather-resistant paint can ensure that the home not only looks appealing at the point of sale but also continues to maintain its facade against Pittsburgh’s varied climate. This relatively simple and cost-effective improvement can significantly impact a home’s marketability, setting it apart in a competitive real estate landscape.

Roof Replacement or Repair

The roof of a home is more than a structural necessity; it’s a key component of the property’s overall aesthetic and one of the first aspects potential buyers notice. An outdated or visibly damaged roof can raise concerns about the integrity of the home and lead to apprehensions about potential leaks or insulation problems. Such worries can be enough to dissuade interest from buyers who are wary of inheriting costly repairs.

Engaging a reputable Pittsburgh Roofing company for a professional assessment of the roof can be a wise first step for sellers looking to address this crucial aspect of their home’s exterior. A well-executed repair or a complete replacement, as recommended by experienced professionals, can not only reassure potential buyers of the home’s condition but also enhance its curb appeal. Modern roofing materials and styles provided by a roofing company can offer improved durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Updated Landscaping

Landscaping is another critical element that shapes a buyer’s first impression of a property. Overgrown gardens, unkempt lawns, or barren outdoor spaces can detract from the home’s overall appeal, making it appear as though it lacks care. Conversely, thoughtfully designed and well-maintained landscaping can enhance the home’s aesthetic, creating an inviting atmosphere that can captivate potential buyers even before they step inside.

Investing in professional landscaping services or dedicating time to refresh the garden, trim the bushes, and add vibrant plants can transform the property’s exterior into an attractive and welcoming space. Simple updates like adding mulch, planting seasonal flowers, or installing new sod can make a significant difference in the home’s curb appeal. Such enhancements not only make the property more appealing but also demonstrate a level of care and attention that buyers often look for in a potential home.

Modern Lighting Fixtures

Updating exterior lighting fixtures is an effective way to enhance a home’s appeal and grab buyers’ attention. Well-chosen, contemporary lighting can highlight the property’s architectural features and landscaping, creating an inviting ambiance that extends a warm welcome to potential buyers. Moreover, during evening viewings or in online photographs taken at dusk, these lighting fixtures can significantly impact how the property is perceived, offering a glimpse of the home’s potential for cozy evenings and outdoor entertainment.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, modern lighting fixtures also contribute to the safety and security of the property, features that are highly valued by prospective buyers. Replacing outdated or non-functional lighting with energy-efficient LED lights, solar-powered lanterns for walkways, or motion-sensor security lights can demonstrate a commitment to both the home’s functionality and environmental sustainability. This dual focus on beauty and practicality can make the property stand out in the competitive Pittsburgh real estate market, appealing to buyers looking for a home that balances style with substance.

Enhanced Entryway

The entryway is the transition point into the home and plays a pivotal role in shaping first impressions. An outdated or unappealing entrance can deter interest, while a well-designed, welcoming entryway can significantly increase a property’s attractiveness. Simple updates, such as a new front door, stylish doormat, or decorative planters, can make a substantial difference. These changes not only refresh the home’s appearance but also signal to potential buyers that the interior may hold similar appeal, encouraging them to explore further.

For homes with the space and budget, enhancing the entryway can include more substantial projects like adding a porch or veranda. Such additions offer practical benefits, like shelter from the elements, while also providing an aesthetic upgrade that can elevate the home’s curb appeal. By creating an inviting and functional entryway, sellers can effectively capture the interest of potential buyers, setting the stage for a positive viewing experience.

Fence and Deck Improvements

Fences and decks are crucial components of a home’s outdoor living space, contributing significantly to its overall appeal and functionality. A dilapidated fence or a worn-out deck can give the impression of neglect, potentially turning away buyers concerned about maintenance issues. Conversely, well-maintained outdoor structures can enhance the home’s aesthetic, provide privacy, and extend the usable living space, qualities that are attractive to buyers looking for a ready-to-enjoy home.

Investing in repairs, painting, or staining for fences and decks can refresh their appearance and demonstrate attention to detail. For properties that lack these features, considering their addition can be a strategic move to increase appeal. Modern materials offer durability and ease of maintenance, appealing to buyers who prioritize both aesthetics and practicality. By showcasing a well-cared-for outdoor space, sellers can make their property more desirable to those looking to make the most of Pittsburgh’s outdoor living potential.


Exterior home improvements, such as roof repairs or replacements, fresh exterior paint, updated landscaping, modern lighting fixtures, enhanced entryways, and well-maintained fences and decks, can significantly increase a property’s curb appeal. These updates not only attract buyers’ attention but also contribute to the home’s perceived value, potentially leading to a quicker sale at a higher price point. Sellers should consider these exterior improvements as strategic investments in their property’s marketability.