5 Signs You May Have Unpleasant Breath

No one wants to be the one with stinky breath, but it happens to many people. Halitosis can occur because of a variety of conditions and situations. You can handle some more easily, while others require more effort. These are some signs that you might have unfavorable breath and what you can do about it.

1. People Move Back When Talking To You

You may have offensive breath if you notice everyone moving away from you whenever you get close to them to talk. If it happens once, it could be a coincidence. However, you should review your breath if you notice it happening much more than on isolated occasions.

2. You Notice Others Holding Their Breath

Another sign of bad breath is if you notice people holding their breath when you talk to them. This reaction indicates that they are attempting not to inhale what you are exhaling. It could mean you need to check your breath if you notice that the people around you would rather suffocate than catch your wind.

3. Your Significant Other Doesn’t Want To Kiss

You might also need better breath if your partner always avoids kissing altogether. Short kisses might also indicate a problem with the mouth wind. Your partner might not tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, but keeping the secret may do you more harm than good. You can ask them to give you an honest answer, so you’ll know. Explain that you want to rectify the problem immediately but must see if it’s true first. Maybe they’ll tell you.

4. You Hear Rumors That You Have Bad Breath

You might hear rumors or gossip about having bad breath in your workplace or neighborhood. Sometimes, people don’t handle such things appropriately and would rather talk among themselves than go to the source. It might be time to check things out if you hear a third-party rumor that doesn’t depict your breath very well.

5. Your Mask Smells Bad

Another way you can tell if you have bad breath is if you wear a mask and have trouble keeping it on because of the smell. Your breath blows back at you constantly when you wear a mask and is the sole culprit when you notice a stench. Bad breath can have a variety of causes. Being sick or having a virus can give you bad-smelling breath. Diabetes and other illnesses that cause dehydration can affect it as well.


Sometimes, bad breath can come from the foods you eat or lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking. These causes are manageable because cessation eliminates the problem. Halitosis can also result from a decayed tooth, abscess, or other dental condition. That’s why visiting local dentistry practices like Montrose Family Dental at least twice a year is crucial. The dentist can spot a problem immediately and develop a care plan to heal it before it affects your life.


It’s not the end of the world if you have bad breath. Knowing is half the battle. Consider the signs above and then take steps to make things better for yourself. You’ll be okay in the end.


Photo by Raghavendra V. Konkathi on Unsplash