6 Essential Grilling Tools to Up Your Game



Who wouldn’t want to spend a nice day outdoors with their loved ones while having a nice BBQ party? You can prepare some of the most delicious burgers, chicken breasts, hot dogs, steaks, and a lot more! However, you can’t start your grill without having all the proper tools that you’ll need. If your next BBQ with your family and friends is coming up soon, then read on to know more about the 6 essential grilling tools that can make the process a lot easier for you.


1. Grill Tongs

You can’t start grilling your food without a nice set of grill tongs. They can come in various shapes and sizes and the best one depends on your preference and how it feels when you hold it. Just make sure that it’s long-handled enough to keep you safe from the flames, it is heat-resistant so it won’t burn your hands, it has adequate padding on the handle for more comfort, and a good interlocking mechanism that is easy to handle while you’re flipping the food you’re cooking.

2. Cooking Thermometer

This is also known as a smoker thermometer and most cooking thermometers are essential while preparing food on a grill. When you’re preparing for a BBQ, it wouldn’t hurt to have a thermometer that can show you the internal temperature of the meat. The idea behind it is to know if you’re cooking with the right amount of heat for a steak, salmon, burger, or chicken correctly. It’s important to understand that knowing the precise temperature for the heat needed to cook something is different for each type of meat. There is an art to grilling and you need to make sure that you set the right temperature for the meat so it can come out tender, juicy, and so delicious!

3. Grilling Basket

You can’t go wrong with having a few grilling baskets when it’s BBQ season. Having different kinds of meat is great, but you need some vegetables too for a hearty meal! Grilling baskets are great for vegetables because they’re designed to take a large batch of different vegetables and still get that smoky taste. It’s easy to use and it has two side handles with heat-resistant padding for convenience.



4. Charcoal Chimney

It’s nice to have a charcoal chimney because most grills are fueled by charcoal. These chimneys have a heat-resistant handle for convenience or some models come with a heat shield that prevents the handle from heating up. The purpose of this tool is to light the charcoal because it’s very difficult using gas. Most chimney starters can ignite the charcoal in 10 to 15 minutes. This allows you to use charcoal constantly for grilling because it gives your food a much better flavor. Also, it burns hot faster than propane and it gives you a better savory crust that will give the food that extra kick!

5. Cedar Planks

The cedar plank is a useful tool to have while grilling, especially if you’re going to prepare some delicious seafood. Grilled salmon is one of the best choices to make at a BBQ party. But you need a plank made out of cedar wood that can add a light smoky flavor to your seafood. You can simply place it on your grill and it’s safe enough to keep any meat from burning up too quickly. The best part about these planks is the flavor because the smoke seeps through the wood and into your food to make a delicious mixture for a flavorful piece of meat.

6. Grill Brush

It’s important to keep your grill clean with a set of grill brushes. The best kind of grill brushes are made out of wire and steel bristles on the side to easily get all the grease, sauce, and gunk off your grates. This is a healthy way to grill because you don’t want to attract insects or rodents to your grill. You need a handy grill brush that can help you clean your grates because it’s a hassle to remove it and clean it in your sink. This hefty tool makes it convenient for you to keep your grill spotless and ready for your next cookout.

Having the grilling essentials that can make the process hassle-free is always appreciated. You need the tools that can help your cooking game improve. This means that you would have better food, and happier guests if you’re not alone. You can accomplish anything with most of these amazing grilling tools. Just research about all the different ones that you might not have heard of because it could make your time grilling in the sun a lot easier, safer, and enjoyable.


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