5 Ways Protein Helps You Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight is difficult. Between exercising and eating right, there are many things that you have to get used too.  This is especially true if you have not been doing any type of exercise on a regular. For most, the mention of diet foods is enough to turn them off the idea of eating healthy.

There are some really bland healthy meals out there and people are worried that eating this type of food is the reality of leading a healthy lifestyle.  But the truth is the internet has opened up so many different recipes and healthy does not mean bland anymore.  There are many delicious meals and snacks that you can eat.

One main ingredient you’ll need that will help you lose weight is protein.  This nutrient will help you shed inches and lose pounds.  Therefore, beefing up your diet with protein is the smart way to go in your quest to a healthier life and a skinnier you.

Still unconvinced or have doubts?

Below are a 5 reasons why weight loss and protein are a match made in heaven:

  1. You’ll Feel Full Longer & That Means Fewer Calories Consumed

One of the most important shifts your body would make while you are trying to lose weight is getting used to smaller portions without cravings or hunger pangs. In order to help yourself during this difficult transition eat protein.  It will help you satisfy your hunger without being unhealthy. It also curbs cravings.

  1. Curbs the Highs and Lows of Sugar and Carbs

When you eat meals and dishes filled with sugar or carbs, the sugar highs and crashes are inevitable. During lows, it can be terribly difficult to say no to an offer of ice cream because you know you’ll feel better even if it doesn’t last.

Unlike carbs and sugar, protein does not subject your body to these swings. There is no such thing as having a protein high or protein low.  It regulates your sugar so this doesn’t happen. 

  1. Body Takes More Energy to Burn Protein

Your body burns calories when it digests and transform food into nutrients. Proteins are complex type of foods. They are harder for the body to process than carbohydrates or fats and because it is harder, you’ll burn more calories.

  1. Tones Your Muscles

Being on a diet takes a toll not only on the fat you need to shed but also on the muscles. You lose bulk when you shed pounds. This defeats the purpose of your goal of a healthier lifestyle.

By adding protein to your diet you’ll also be adding muscle because this nutrient helps the muscles tone.  So eating protein is the smart thing to do when you add exercise to your life.

  1. Repairs Muscles

Exercise, which is important in any fitness plan, can do some damage to the muscle and can cause inflammation. Protein builds and repairs the muscles so that doesn’t happen.  If you put two and two together it just makes sense that you eat more protein to help you reach your goals.

Protein isn’t just another fad diet that will take tons of time to learn and then not be sustainable.  It works and it has powerful benefits to your health and body.  Make sure to add it to your diet so you’re not working twice as hard to get your lean body.

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