5 Unique Barn Wedding Ideas for an Amazing Experience

In a survey conducted by The Knot, it found that 15% of engaged couples are choosing to host their weddings in a barn. Even when people aren’t using a real barn, many are choosing to decorate their venues like one.


In an Atlantic article title, “The Rise of the Barn Wedding,” it stated, “Millennials, in staggering numbers, are choosing to start their married lives under high eaves and exposed beams, looking out over long, stripped-down wooden benches and lines of mason jars.”


There’s a reason why barn weddings are becoming increasingly popular. For starters, they are cozy and homey, and present a level of sentimentality. With a barn wedding, you can present beautiful nature in a beautiful, down-to-earth way. They are the ideal mix of rustic, laid back, and chic. Here are five ways you can create a unique barn experience of your own:


Incorporate Nature

Incorporating lush greenery into your venue is a great way to really get into the barn aesthetic. Nature has also been known to make people happier, boosting their serotonin and giving them a feeling of serenity. Our connection with nature is unparalleled. Use this to your advantage. You can hang vines from ceilings or walls, mixing it in with sheer drapery. Adding fabric and plants to the ceiling is also a great way to soften the edges of a space and accentuate the cavernous space without diminishing it.


Your flowers are also an important part of the nature aspect. When it comes to your floral arrangements, don’t be afraid to use color—especially if the barn itself is dark wood. Bright colors will offer a great, popping contrast. You can also use table decorations to complement your floral arrangements, like wooden bark, reclaimed wood with nature accents such as pinecones and moss, mason jars, small terrariums, and more.


Give It a Theme

Although a barn wedding is already a theme in itself, you can take it up a notch by giving by having a niche barn theme. For example, some barn wedding venues, like Silver Sycamore in South Houston, specialize in offering Western-themed weddings. “We offer a full Western experience, with an on-site infrastructure that resembles a traditional Western town: a Chapel, a saloon, a trading post, and even a jail. Our goal is provide not just a venue, but a full-bodied experience.”


Traditional Barn Decor

Just because you’re having a barn wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice glamour and great decor. For instance, barns have very high ceilings; therefore, ceiling decorations can complement the beauty of the place. Many barn venues already have beautifully intricate chandeliers that lend an air of elegance. Beyond that, think of your barn venue as a blank canvas: there are many opportunities to create a stunning atmosphere. Furthermore, The decor for your barn wedding should be representative of the venue. Here are some decor ideas:


  • Decorative barrels
  • Wooden ladders with other decorations draped on steps
  • Hay bales to be used as props for flowers and other decorations
  • Dimly lit lanterns
  • Hanging, string twinkle and cafe lights
  • Hanging Edison light bulbs
  • Baskets (throw some blankets in it for barn weddings in colder months)
  • Wood pallets


Don’t Forget the Food

Your food menu can also go hand in hand with your theme, regardless of the type of cuisine you choose. What’s most important is that you follow a theme that’s in season. Be sure that your caterer uses locally sourced ingredients to create standout dishes. Many people hosting barn weddings also have a “nature” themed cake. Take a look at these cakes for inspiration. The presentation is especially important. You can be creative with your menus by writing them out on chalkboards, wooden pieces, or rustic stationary.



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