5 Tips to be Safe When Using Online Dating Sites


Online dating has become the social norm for many people, it is quicker and easier than meeting someone organically and for that reason alone it is preferable for many people. But online dating does come with some unique complications that you might not find with regular dating. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to keep yourself safe online. Not just with regards to dating, but overall. Navigating the world of online dating can be hard, but luckily this article has 5 great tips for making it much easier.

#1 – Always Meet in a Public Place

When arranging a date, the when and the where is very important. For the safety of everyone involved it is always better to meet for the first time in a public setting, like a cafe, in the middle of the day. The person you plan to meet is probably completely fine, and just as nervous as you are, but you should still take precautions. By agreeing to meet somewhere in public, there are lots of bystanders in case anything should go wrong, it can also give you an early insight into the person. If they have a problem with meeting up in a public setting, that is a huge red flag and you should probably block them.

#2 – Let a Friend Know Where You Are

Just like you want to meet somewhere public so there are other people around, you will want to let a friend know where you will be and when. If something should go wrong, your friend will be able to get help to you much faster. You will probably never have a problem that requires the intervention of a friend, but you never know. It is better to be safe than sorry. Besides, it only takes a quick text to your friend giving them a heads up of where you plan to be. It takes only 30 seconds and could save your life.

#3 – Don’t Overshare

Whether you are still just talking online using a dating site, or have met up, you will want to keep your personal information private. Never give up your private details like your address, you never know who might turn up and when. Your info should stay personal, and only be shared after you get to know the person. That is the kind of information you should only share after you have been on a few dates. Once you truly know them.

#4 – Report Creeps:

If you end up talking to someone and they start to act very strangely, aggressively, or just overall creepily you should report them. Those people do not belong on these kinds of sites and just put others at risk. If you go to meet someone in person and they are not who they said they were, or if they have tricked you into thinking you were meeting someone else (commonly called catfishing) leave and report them. Even if they had a “good” excuse for lying about who they were, they are potentially dangerous and are not worth the risk. Who knows what else they could have lied about?

#5 – Use Bigger Sites:

The bigger the online dating site, the safer you generally are. Smaller sites are more at risk of being infiltrated by the exact people you don’t want to meet. The bigger sites can afford better safety precautions and are more likely to take action against people abusing the website. Safety aside, the bigger the site the more likely you are to find the special someone you are looking for. Dating Site Resource is a website that gives reviews of the bigger dating sites along with some reputable small ones. It’s worth having a look at and you can find many different dating categories to suit your needs.


Online dating doesn’t have to be scary, most of the people you will meet are using it for genuine reasons just like you are. But because there are people who aren’t, it is important to take the proper steps to keep yourself safe. So much of it will come down to trusting your gut instinct. If something seems off, or you get a suspicious feeling the person you are meeting wants to cause you harm, trust it. Just make an excuse to cancel your date, and get yourself away from there. At the very least go with a friend. If you keep these 5 tips in mind you should do alright though. Good luck out there!

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