5 Tips for Taking Care of Your New MacBook

MacBook beside headphones


MacBook beside headphones


If you’ve decided to invest in your first Macbook Pro, congratulations! Making the effort to take care of your machine will pay off in the long-run, as it will extend the lifespan of your computer and ensure you don’t need to fork out for a replacement too soon. Unfortunately, laptops tend to be increasingly prone to damage because they are transported more regularly and used more frequently. However, following a few simple tips should help you along the way and save you from having to spend money on repairs:

Invest In a Good Case

As careful as you may think you are, accidents do happen, and like many expensive electronic items, Macbooks are fragile. Investing in a sturdy case is a wise move when it comes to protecting your precious computer. Good cases don’t come cheap, but in the event of a drop, it could be what stands between you having a working computer or having to shell out on repairs, if not a whole new machine altogether. Opt to purchase a case that is shock-resistant and water-resistant, as it’ll offer your machine the best protection.

Look After the Battery

Batteries are the life source of your Macbook so without a functioning one, you aren’t going anywhere fast. MacBook batteries are also pretty expensive to replace. The easiest way to extend the battery life of your machine is to charge it only when necessary. Lots of people make the mistake of keeping their machine plugged into a power source 24/7, but this is highly detrimental to battery health. Let the battery run down completely from time to time, it’ll do your Macbook a world of good. Following this simple tip should ensure your battery lasts between two to three years without giving you any major issues. Battery health apps can also give you a good indication of how well your battery is doing.

Perform the Necessary Updates

One of the major advantages of having a Mac over a PC is that you don’t need to buy expensive antivirus software. With that being said, you do need to run regular updates on your device. These updates are required to protect your machine from vulnerabilities. So when those annoying reminders keep popping up on your machine, don’t keep dismissing them, as they really are there for a good reason.

Free Up Space On a Regular Basis

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of unnecessary documents and downloads on your Macbook, especially if you are using the machine on a daily basis. Eventually, as your 128GB SSD gets closer to its optimum capacity, you are likely to find that the machine starts to slow down, and using it becomes more of a chore. Make sure you free up space on a regular basis by transferring files onto the cloud or using an external hard drive.


When you inevitably do experience an issue, use Apple Diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem. You don’t need to be a techie to run diagnostics on Macbook pro. This is an easy to use tool that is already installed on your device and can provide suggestions on how to handle relatively straightforward problems.

By keeping these simple tips in mind as you use your new Mac, you should be able to increase the computer’s lifespan quite considerably. Extending the life of your Macbook makes sense, as it’s not something most people can afford to buy every day. Investing in a good quality computer has the potential to make life easier, so be sure to give your precious device the care it deserves. Good luck and enjoy your computer!