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5 Tips to Avoid Bingeing During Party Season

Party season is officially here which means we are going to be in tempting situations that make us want to overindulge. It’s important that you are aware of your true hunger pains. This keeps your self-control and healthy choices in check. Here are 5 solid ways to help you enjoy the party without feeling party remorse.


1) Always eat before you go to a party. If you eat before the party, you won’t be hungry and grab all that fried food at the party.

2) Drink a glass of water or club soda after every alcoholic beverage intake. This way, you won’t get tipsy or eat every hors d’ouerve you see on those festive trays. Alcohol tends to make people eat more than they ordinarily might and to make wrong choices. It also has many calories. So, choose your drink wisely.

3) Consider the food that’s being served, and choose the lowest calorie food being served, and stay in check with your portion control.
4) Sit on the other side of room and far away from the holiday buffet. This way you can concentrate and enjoy what you are eating.
5) Socialize at the party by mingling with the guests. Chat instead of chew. The food should always secondary to enjoying your friends and family!


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