5 Things You Can Do if You Buy Farmland

If you are looking for a new business venture, there are Ontario farms for sale. Once you have bought your farmland, what can you do with it? Take a look at these five ideas for things that you can do with farmland. Some of these ideas take into consideration traditional concepts while others are more out of the ordinary.

Start a Poultry Farm

When you think of a farm, one animal that quickly comes to mind is the chicken. With this thought, you can start a poultry farm. You can choose to raise chickens for meat or eggs or a combination of the two. You can also look at setting up a hatchery where you will sell day-old chicks to other farms and homesteads.

Set Up a Bed and Breakfast

Some people are looking for a nice getaway in the countryside, but options might be limited. Fill in this market gap by setting up a bed and breakfast on your land. You can make this space as simple or as extravagant as you would like. You can even let your guests complete some volunteer work during their stay.

Get Fishing

If seafood is big in your area, set up some fishing lakes and charge customers to go fishing on your land. You can even sell bait to customers and rent out boats, rods and reels to those who need it.

Rent Out Meeting and Event Spaces

You can capitalize on your new farmland by renting out areas of it for meetings and events. You can rent out pieces of your land for this where patrons will supply things like tents, tables and chairs. Or you can choose to rent out one of your buildings along with some of the necessary accessories for the event. You could also sell food and drinks. That way, your clients will have less that they will have to bring to the actual venue and you can add an extra boost to your income.

Raise Cows

Raising cows might seem like an obvious choice, but what you can do with the cows can differ. You could consider raising dairy cows or cows for meat. You could also give some thought to selling calves as starter stock to other farms, and even sell manure as fertilizer.

Buying farmland can be a profitable venture. You could start a poultry farm, set up a bed and breakfast, charge people to fish on your land, rent out your space or raise cows.

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