5 Things To Do With Friends on a Long Weekend

Long weekends are rare, so when they do come around, take advantage of them. Three whole days to relax, laugh and catch up. Here are five ideas you can use to celebrate a long weekend with your friends.

1. Mystery Room

Games are always fun, but when the game is created by a company, and you get to solve a mystery or unravel clues and escape the room, it can take the experience to a whole new level. Why not adventure through one of the rooms with a group of friends? You may be surprised to find the amazing strengths of your group as you find keys to containers, look for killers, and try to think outside the box.

2. Pizza Party

Invite your friends over to make pizza for a fun afternoon of laughter, conversation, and relaxation. Whether you have one of the newest portable pizza ovens or plan on baking the pizzas in your cooker, it is always fun to invite everyone over when you turn your kitchen into a pizzeria. Let your friends go wild with toppings and see what unusual pizza pies they can come up with.

3. Movie Night

No matter what the weather is like outside, you can call friends over for a night-at-the-movies right in your home – all day long. Why not make it a movie weekend with a theme for each day? Choose from the 90s, comedies, cult classics, rom-coms, or scary flicks. Add some popcorn, a few types of candy, and some of your favorite drinks for a truly relaxing weekend with friends.

4. Dine-In Night

When your friends gather for a night of food, you can be sure moods will be high, laughter will scatter the area, and everyone will be there. After sharing a potluck dinner of food consisting of items each person brought, why not take the evening up a notch and cook-in. Make brownies, cookies, or a simple cake, and don’t forget to have a carton of your favorite ice cream on hand for those that want to add a little bit of creamy goodness to that decadent brownie.

5. Day Trip

Even if you are native to your hometown, there are probably areas you love in the nearby mountains, lakes, deserts, or swamps. Why not take a day trip with friends and experience the zone through their eyes? You could even find a spot to set up camp or a rental unit and appreciate the sights for even longer!

Enjoy your long weekend by including your friends in the festivities. Building memories is what it is all about.

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