5 Super-Powerful Herbs You Need to Revive Your Gut Health



Are you looking for natural remedies to improve your digestion? Then read on to discover the best herbs for gut health here.

Your gut plays host to about 100 trillion living bacteria that reside in your digestive system.

Everyone has a unique array of gut bacteria, kind of like a fingerprint, that may have more to do with your overall health than you think.

Studies have shown gut microbiota has a significant impact on the immune system.

For that reason, it is critical to keep your gut healthy. Keep reading to discover five super-powerful herbs for gut health to help you feel your best.


1. Ginger

Ginger has been long touted as a natural remedy for when you are feeling nauseous. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiulcer, all of which could affect gut health.

Recently, scientists have discovered that molecules found in ginger can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach in rat models.

You can use fresh chopped ginger in tea or a smoothie. You can also take ginger in supplement form if you would like for an easier method of taking it.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric has so many uses beyond being the golden spice to give your food great flavor. The Arthritis Foundation has labeled curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, as a potent anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric has been used in ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years as a digestive healing agent.

Researchers are studying how turmeric and curcumin can be used as a potential treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Mimosa Pudica

The sensitive plant or Mimosa Pudica is a unique member of the pea family. When touched, it reacts by closing its leaves and drooping.

Mimosa Pudica has been used in Ayurveda medicine for health conditions such as mood disorders and has been used in wound healing.

The sensitive plant’s biggest claim to fame is its magical gut-healing properties. The seeds of this herb are mucilaginous, meaning they absorb liquid. With this absorbing ability, the seeds will stick to harmful toxins in your digestive system like parasites and harmful bacteria.

Check this out if you want to learn more about Mimosa Pudica, and how it helps aid digestion.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint is one of those go-to herbs to heal stomach lining, in return relieving stomach pains.

Peppermint contains tannins, which is a natural polyphenol used to help protect and heal the stomach lining.

Researchers are looking at ways to use peppermint to help treat conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

5. Chamomile

A tremendous all-around herb that can be used to help relax and unwind. Chamomile is also a potent herb when used for digestive support.

A number of studies have proven chamomile effective for its anti-inflammatory properties. These same properties are believed to be why chamomile helps aid in digestion.

Chamomile can be taken in tea form or as a supplement.

More Helpful Info Beyond Herbs for Gut Health

Next time you find yourself with digestive problems, try one of these herbs for gut health. They have been proven time after time as natural remedies for improved digestion.

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