5 Services You Can Expect From an Online Doctor



Imagine you have a lingering headache with a runny nose at a time when you are not able to get an appointment with your doctor. Instead of waiting, pushing through the pain, or self-medicating, it’s now possible to quickly check with an online doctor for a diagnosis through a video or phone appointment. This service has become more popular over the past few years, and patients are enjoying the flexibility and quality medical service online doctors provide.

The best part is that they are not limited by location. You can find a doctor anywhere in the world, from a specialist in New York to one of the many online doctors NZ has to offer. Here are just some of the services you can expect when you choose to see an online doctor for your medical needs.

ACC and Injury Care

Getting on the road to recovery after a severe injury can be easy using an online doctor. Instead of visiting the hospital over and over for treatment and follow-up appointments – both of which can be both time-consuming and expensive – you can check with an online doctor periodically from the comfort of your home.

Online doctors are skilled with virtual injury management and can track your progress, making recommendations along the way. If you need referrals to other experts like psychologists, surgeons, or physiotherapists, an online doctor can get that arranged for you as well.

Online Prescriptions

Instead of waiting for hours on end in the clinic’s waiting room to simply get a prescription from your doctor, a visit to an online doctor will save you all that trouble. Online doctors can write prescriptions for you without any delays or extra travel costs. They also prescribe drugs ranging from antibiotics to painkillers with a doctor’s note attached, if necessary. In addition, telemedicine has provided the opportunity for online doctors to have prescriptions delivered right to your home, for added convenience.

There are a few restrictions on the kinds of drugs some online doctors may prescribe. These usually include medicinal marijuana, antipsychotic medications, and a few others. Check with your online doctor before signing up if there is something specific you feel you may need.


Sometimes, meeting the doctor online is not enough. There are emergency conditions that require seeing a doctor in-person right away. For example, it’s not a good idea to see an online doctor if you have suffered a severe injury such as a concussion. In these cases, you should get to the hospital right away because the longer you wait, the worse your condition could become.

Online doctors are aware of these limitations of virtual consultations. That’s why they will schedule an in-person visitation if the need arises, or refer you to a specialist who can help you. Sometimes, an in-person visit can help them confirm a specific condition but online consultations can be arranged for follow-up and monitoring.

Lab tests such as blood tests, cholesterol tests, allergy tests, and basic metabolic panels can also be scheduled by your online doctor.

Preventive Services

The services offered by online doctors can help patients catch issues before they become serious. It is always best to take preventive measures, rather than dealing with a bigger problem down the road.

For example, if you are struggling with your weight, you may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease and obesity. In this case, an online doctor can draw your attention to the dangers of carrying excess weight and provide a more sustainable and healthy diet.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates act as proof that you have received professional healthcare service. Online doctors, after a diagnosis, will issue a certificate via your email or regular mail confirming you received the appropriate health care. These certificates can be delivered within an hour, in many cases. They can also serve as a great way of keeping records of your medical history. In some cases, you may be required to go to the clinic to complete your medical treatment in order to get the certificate.

Despite many critics having reservations about the effectiveness of online doctors, they are a vital service for many people who don’t have direct access to health care and for people who find it difficult to visit their doctor due to transportation, work, or time constraints. Be sure to try seeing a virtual doctor for your medical issues, the next time you need to see your physician.


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