10 bad habits making your online shopping more expensive


Shopping has always been a major mood and economy booster. Since the era of e-commerce and abundant Internet, there has been no downfall in the online shopping industry. If you are a shopaholic, you’d know it. The grandeur of this industry can be discussed some other time, in this article; we want to tell you about some of your bad habits that add to your online shopping bill- making it more expensive. Here we go.

Not Acting Upon Price-Drops

Suppose you bought an item yesterday, but if you checked it the next day, the price is reduced. Quite disappointing, isn’t it? However, some companies will refund the price difference if you contact them directly within a certain time period.

Ignoring Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a cunning strategy. Online marketers tend to display different prices to different customers depending on their location, browsing habits and spending patterns and current product demand. To escape this trap, you can use a privacy browser. Online stores won’t be able to track your browsing activity, and therefore- you’ll get the best prices every time.

Using Only Single Coupon

Most of the time, the websites have multiple offers running- and in that case, not doing thorough research, and applying only one coupon is a shopaholic’s sin. Also, if the website lets you combine different coupons and promo codes during checkout, use them in the right order. The math is pretty much at work here!

Not Using a VPN

Localized websites often have lower prices than their US counterparts. You can use a VPN in order to shop from cheaper locations and to avoid such situations. Also, you’d be able to better under the pricing strategies once you do this.

Not Comparing

Install extensions that help you compare, to avoid overpayment and get the best deals online. This saves you a lot of time by automatically downloading the same product prices from many retailers, organizing them in smart diagrams and even notifying you when vouchers are available.

Shopping as a Guest Instead of Registering for Smart Rewards

When you have a registered account with any e-commerce website, they treat you differently, rather royally. There are specific promotional campaigns targeted towards registered users. So, it is really a sin to not register, that too if you regularly shop from that one website.

Unorganized Emails

Signing up to newsletters, coupon sites, and promotion lists can help you save big time, but you are too reluctant about getting your email spammed? This will be a huge mistake. All good brands send e-mailers to their subscribers with regular information about on-going offers and discounts. Get it organized right away.

Not Contacting the Customer Service

Did you just find an interesting coupon in your email that expired two days ago? Don’t worry! Contact the hotline and ask if your voucher can be extended when you place an order. Sales Ex on the other end mostly wants to close the deal. This might not work all the time, especially with cheap items, but it’s still worth a try.

Shopping on the Wrong Day

Lazy Sunday afternoons are tempting- but remember that the best deals come on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Most of the brands follow that.

Not Reading the Terms and Conditions

Well, every online shopping website has different size charts, and different policies regarding cancellation, refunds, and returns. It is often negligence from our end- sometimes leading to your loss.

With these tips, we hope you become a better shopper and an aware one at that. For more such issues, stay tuned!

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