5 Reasons to Go On a Walking Tour


Traveling is an extremely fun experience that nearly everyone enjoys. There’s something extremely magical about exploring new locations while experiencing different cultures and people. While there may not be a correct way to travel, as it all up to personal preference, some methods of touring and exploring a location that is better than others. For example, a walking tour can be an extremely effective method of experiencing a new location, allowing you to capture the full traveling experience. So what makes walking tours so good, and why should you try to schedule one while traveling to a new location? Here are five reasons to go on a walking tour.

Explore Sights

The most obvious reason to go on a walking tour while traveling is to explore an area’s local sights. When traveling to a new location, you want to take in all of the local sights and sounds. There’s no better way to do this than by getting up close and personal with a walking tour. Walking tours can take you all over various locations, allowing you to see the biggest tourist sights and attractions in a particular area. If you want to experience everything about a location, then a walking tour is a fantastic way to go about it.

See Local Culture

Another great thing about walking tours is how close you get to the local culture. When taking a walking tour, you will be completely surrounded by the local culture of the area. You’ll be surrounded by the people speaking the local language and dialect, and you’ll enter bars and restaurants to eat local dishes. Many other tours don’t allow you to really experience and embrace the local culture as walking tours do. On a walking tour, you’ll get the full experience of the local culture, which is just one of the many reasons why walking tours are so great.

Meet New People

One of the more unique aspects of going on a walking tour is meeting and interacting with local people. As mentioned before, exploring a location via a walking tour will have you entering bars, restaurants, and clubs, something that allows you to experience the area’s culture. As you’re doing this, you likely will interact with many of the locals. These people may be patrons of the establishments that you enter, or they could even be the owners and managers just trying to ensure that you get the full local experience. These people may tell you fascinating stories or fill you in on the area’s local history. Regardless of what happens, taking walking tours can be a fantastic way to interact with some new people and expand your horizons.


An underrated reason to go on a walking tour rather than another form of exploring is the exercise you’ll get from simply walking around. Walking tours can take you all over the city, and sometimes can even be exhausting with how much walking you’re doing. Although some people may view walking and physical activity as a negative, it actually can be a huge positive for your health. Walking can be very beneficial for your health, as it can help you lose weight and improve heart and lung health. Most people think that exercise is boring and grueling, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can explore a beautiful location and soak everything in, all while getting a healthy amount of exercise with a walking tour.


It’s no secret that traveling can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re traveling to a location very far away from your home. Due to this, it’s likely very hard to save up for big financial goals like purchasing a new car or buying one of the Washington, D.C houses for sale. When traveling, you’re probably looking to save money any way you can, which is why walking tours are so great. Walking tours are much cheaper than other options for exploring an area, and sometimes they are even completely free. Walking tours can offer experiences that no other exploration method can, and the fact that they are among some of the cheapest exploration options further adds to their value.


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