5 Key Workout Essentials for Women


Even in this day and age, not nearly enough women prefer going to the gym out of fear of being judged. They either fear that they’ll be ridiculed for being out of shape, not knowing how exercise properly or being too weak for some exercises. The truth is that the majority of these fears are completely unfounded. There are so many ways you can prepare for this gym-going experience in order to make it less scary and make your initial efforts more effective. With that in mind, here are five key workout essentials for women.

Comfortable shoes

One thing that you might have noticed about the vast majority of female workout routines is that the bulk of them revolve around cardio exercises. Seeing as how cardio usually includes running, skipping rope and driving an air bike, this puts a lot of stress on your feet and leg joints (more than they’re used to, at least). As of lately, a stigma has been removed from female weightlifting in gyms all across the globe, which also requires you to have a proper workout gear. When it comes to protection, having adequate workout shoes is an essential requirement. Therefore, you need to go shopping as soon as possible.

Great workout equipment

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the workout equipment. For a female gym-goer, perfect apparel fulfills two essential criterions. First, it has to be practical. During the exercise, you’ll sweat a lot and what you need is the material that can take it without irritating your skin. It also needs to be tight enough so that it doesn’t pose a tripping risk and that it isn’t easy to get it caught in the gym machinery. This will cause not only ripping and staining of the outfit (certain parts these machines are often quite greasy in order to run smoothly) but also increase the risk of injury.

The second criterion is that your workout equipment is stylish enough and in order to get there, you need to pay close attention to details. It’s not enough to just buy a nice tank top and matching yoga pants. You also need to look for suitable women’s socks for the workout. Once you have all of this covered, you’ll get one more reason to go to the gym.

Water bottle

One of the most important things for the workout is proper hydration. Both women and men should do well to take this seriously, seeing as how dehydration might cause them a world of trouble. Other than harming your body both in the short and long run, it will also set back your athletic efforts. This is why you need to have a water bottle always by your side. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that drinking too much water during some of the more intense workouts might make you nauseous. So, just take a few sips after each set and choose a water bottle of the appropriate size.

Quality supplements

Same as with weights, a lot of women fear the very idea of using supplements, believing that it will facilitate their muscle gain and make them look less feminine. This is as far from the truth as it gets. The truth is that women don’t have the same biology that men do, which is why it’s nearly impossible for them to get bulky (at least in the way female bodybuilders do), without heavy use of various hormones. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the use of dietary supplements like protein powder, vitamins and even caffeine may facilitate your progress quite a bit.


Regardless if you have a special MP3 device or prefer to play the music on your phone, having the right playlist is essential for keeping the motivation up when the going gets tough. Keep in mind that the ideal playlist differs from person to person, and it’s usually for the best to pick the type of music that suits you the most. Just keep in mind that if your favorite song is too slow, romantic or lullaby-like, it might not be the best choice for your intense cardio workout.


Keep in mind that, regardless of your inventory and workout components, there are two things that are the absolute paramount – will and patience. Without them, your athletic efforts won’t get far, even with all of the above-listed essentials. Getting in shape takes time and requires a tremendous amount of effort on your part. Still, health benefits, a boost to your self-confidence and the idea that you’ve, at last, reached your ideal physique and achieved your long-time goals are more than worth it. There’s nothing superficial about wanting to be the best version of yourself in both mental and physical sense.


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