5 Items Every Modern Man Need to Have in His Closet


Staying trendy is important whether we wanted to admit that or not. However, it’s also exhausting to try and follow every trend. This is why one should be sly and cunning and figure out a way to look modern without much effort. You may think it sounds impossible, but it’s true. Once you get all the right staple items, you’ll no longer get headaches trying to figure out what to wear on various occasions. Most people learn this the hard way. They would buy huge amounts of clothes trying to be trendy, but if all you do is buy the wrong kind of clothes, you’ll be left with nothing to wear for the next occasion. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a few pointers on what to buy in order to achieve that long-desired modern effect without having to shop until you drop.


If your job requires you to wear suits, you must have at least two. One black suit and one navy will satisfy all your needs and occasions. Shirts and ties will be the ones to create diversity and nobody will suspect anything. It’s better to invest a significant amount of money in two decent suits than to have more that are lousy. If you decide to go with the two, find ones that fit you perfectly. Once you get them, simply changing the details will give you a fresh look whenever you need one and your needs for new suits will be done.

Dress shirts

When it comes to dress shirts, you can have as many as you want and in all sorts of patterns, but you can’t skip the essentials – a white and a light blue one. Formal occasions simply scream for a white dress shirt. It looks clean and serious and gives out just the right impression on any formal occasion. On the other hand, you should always have a go-to light blue shirt or even several as they are great candidates for those less formal occasions that happen quite often.

Polo shirts

As you won’t be constantly exposed to formal or semi-formal occasions, you also need something casual yet modern to wear. This is what classic polo shirts for men are made for. Their design fits every man well and you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. However, the basic look is always safe, so perhaps you should stock up on plain ones first and then just get some unusual ones later on. The combination of these shirts and jeans is the typical casual outfit for the modern man and you can never go wrong with this combination.

Topcoat or trench coat?

The answer is both. Think about the winter season and a situation when you need to wear a suit. You need to wear something over the suit as it’s too cold outside, but it can’t be a jacket as you’ll look absolutely ridiculous. This is why you need a topcoat in a neutral color or one that will match your shoes. On the other hand, you need a trench coat for rainy weather and spring and autumn in general. It’s perfect as it will protect you from the wind and the rain, but it’s a great fashion asset, as well. It has some sort of a military appeal which makes men look irresistible.

Cashmere sweater

These are just perfect for winter months when you need to wear layered clothes. You should get one that matches most of your shirts, like navy or grey, depending on the dominating color of your shirts. If cashmere is a bit too pricey, cotton-cashmere options are almost equally good, but more affordable. Of course, you can get several of these and simply swap them, but the idea is the same as the one with suits. You don’t need many different sweaters as long as you change the underlying shirts.

All in all, being a modernly dressed man doesn’t require a lot of effort. You just need to shop smart and cover all the basics. Once you have high-quality staple items, it’s easy to just renew your wardrobe with a couple of shirts and pants, but you’ll always be dressed for any occasion.

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